Linwood Town Board Supervisor
This is not an official Linwood Township Website, nor is it meant to be.  This is just my attempt to keep my campaign promise to update citizens on issues. These are my opinions and perspectives.  I will not post anything that is contrary to the Minnesota State Auditor's letter!

                                              Community Halloween Party
                                    Friday, October 31, 2014 6:00 to 8:00 PM.      

                                                  Linwood Senior Center​

​​​​​​Meet The Candidates on October 23rd at 7pm

​​​Linwood Township will add a question to the November 2014 election. "Shall option B, providing for the appointment of the Town Clerk by the town board, be adopted for the government of the town?" (Should Linwood Township continue to elector or should the township hire a town clerk) A “yes” vote supports hiring the clerk. A “no” supports continuing to elect the clerk.
Judy Hanna is the current town clerk. The outcome of the vote will not affect her position unless she retires before her term ends in 2016. ​

​​​If you are looking for Township Departments, Residential/Business services or community events please go to This is the official Linwood ​Township website.

You can pick up a free Forest Lake Times late Thursday mornings at The ​C​​ountry Store, Linwood Town Hall and Dolphy's Automotive.  The Forest Lake Times has the Linwood Township legal notices and news about the Township. ​​

​​Highlights of the October 14, 2014 T​​own Board Meeting

The Linwood Town Board approved the reconveyance of Lot 1, Block 2, Paradise Point Unit 4, Anoka County, back to the state. Motion made by Ed Kramer and seconded by Carol Searing. 

Fire Department - Chief Darryl Ballman​​
Total runs 13, Medical 9 and fire 4
Old engine II is in Duxbury, Minnesota. This fire truck might not work for Duxbury because it may have a bad pump, and they are in no position to make a costly repair. Chief Ballman has been working with Duxbury to figure out a plan for Ducksbury to keep the engine.
The Fire Department will be interviewing 9 candidates and can bring on 6 to have 35 Fire Fighters.
Linwood Fire Department Open House was October 9th. Good turn out.
Oxford Township - No news regarding the agreement with Linwood, Lent, Stacy and Isanti.
The Fire Department is working on the 2015 Linwood calendar. ​

Anyone wanting to donate time or money "FWD Restoration Fund" can contact Ken Minske. (651) 341-4119 This is for the restoration of Linwood's first fire truck. 

Senior Committee - Meets October 15th at 8:30 AM

Road and Bridge -The minutes are completed and available. Contact the Town Hall for a copy. 
The Town Board approved a motion to pay a 2014 street project in the amount of $12,053.12. Motion made by Mike Halliday and seconded by Bob Millerbernd.
The Road and Bridge Committee recommended that the Town Board vacate 205th street. Tabled until next meeting. 
228th Avenue off W. Martin Lake Drive to Feather upgrade with ditches 400 feet.  Engineer will evaluate and get the Town Board a report. 

Building Department - ​​The September building report is available. 3 new homes, 4 residings, 2 windows, 2 furnace replacement, 3 new AC, 5 accessory buildings, 1 ADA ramp, 2 decks, 1 remodel and 1 garage, 3 roofs, addition to a shed, bath remodel and a new bathroom.

Park Board -No September Meeting

Sunrise Watershed District -The carp barrier on the south end of Martin lake is completed. The carp barrier on Fawn Lake Drive should begin this fall. Completion of this project is planned for November 2015.

School Forest Committee - Moonlight Hike, October 24th, 6 pm to 8 pm
Join us Friday night for some fun in the forest. We will have lots of things to explore. Costumes welcome. The hike will start at the Linwood school. 

Recycling - The Town Board approved Ed Kramer to purchase a Kubota tractor for $29,000.00 to use for recycling. Ed received a grant from the Anoka recycling fund to pay for this tractor. Motion made by Mike Halliday and seconded by Bob Millerberndt.

Town Board Minutes - Minutes for September 23, 2014 were tabled until the next meeting so Town Board Supervisors have time to review and make corrections if necessary.

The Town Board approved the payment of the October 14, 2014 bills, with exception of a bill to Envirotech until more information is received, and the payroll for October 14, 2014. Carol Searing volunteered to track down a missing receipt for a Walmart bill.

​​Planning and Zoning -Application 2014-08 Conditional Use Permit (pigeon racing) was denied. The couple asking for the Conditional Use Permit requested to have it dropped. Motion made by Phil Osterhus and seconded by Ed Kramer
Application 2014-09 Renewal for the Interim Use Permit for the cell tower on 22 across form the Country Store was approved. Motion made by Ed Kramer and seconded by Mike Halliday.

Linwood Township mailing will all go thru Kelly Kramer. A request was made to move our mailings to the Forest Lake Post Office.  More information is needed. 

Approval, corrections and or addition from past minutes will be addressed on October 28th Town Board meeting.​​

Highlights of the September 22, 2014 T​​own Board Meeting 

Attorney Mike Haag -The Town Board hired Steel In the Air to negotiate a contract between Linwood Township and Crown Castle regarding a long term contract for the cell tower.

John Zacher gave an update on bringing natural gas to the Shadow Ridge Development. John has received a written response from Xcel. Xcel will pay a portion of the cost. John has the Town Board's permission to move forward on this project to determine the service area boundares and start contacting residents.

Resolution 2014-9- Accepting Donations, has been corrected to 2014-15. A mistake was made, and two resolutions had the same number. 

Fire Department - Linwood Township Fire Department was invited to attend the 9/11 Ceremony in Minneapolis. The Department was honored to attend.

Old engine II is in Duxbury, Minnesota. This an area of the state that desperately needs a fire truck. Chief Ballman will work with Duxbury to figure out a plan for Ducksbury to keep the engine,

The Town Board approved the Fire Department recommendation to bring the the department from 29 Fire Fighters to 35 Fire Fighters.

Booya and Dance were another huge success.

Fire Prevention Week at Linwood School starts October 6, 2014

Linwood Fire Department Open House will be October 9th at the Fire Station.

Anyone wanting to donate time or money "FWD Restoration Fund" can contact Ken Minske. (651) 341-4119  This is for the restoration of Linwood's first fire truck.

For Fire Funnels contact Mike Zacher (612) 532-2099, $60.00 large, $50.00 small. 

2014 Linwood Township Election Judges - The Town Board approved the following judges for the upcoming election. Head Judge Sheila Bien, Asst. Head Judge Doris Wetjen, Judy Hanna, Anita Johnson, Craig Kasl, Eileen Reinke, Ruth Smallidge, Sandra Staub and John Weimer.

Linwood Family Fun Day was a great success, and the Committee has many ideas for the next Linwood Family Fun Day. The committee will begin again in January. They are always looking for more volunteers. Thanks again to all who made it a big success. 

IT Support - There was much discussion about implementing the new laserfiche program. Craptree will be suppling the software, and we have decided to hire TR Computer Sales to network the Township computers and provide our IT support. ​​

Town Board Minutes - The Town Board Minutes were approved for September 9, 2014 with two corrections.

Payment of the bills - The Town Board approved the payment of the September 22, 2014 bills in the amount of $19,720.67 and the payroll in the amount of $13,919.44.

Town Board Supervisor's Road Review will be Tuesday, September 30, 2014, 4:00PM. This is a change in the time.

Road and Bridge Committee will have their fall road review on Saturday, September 27, 8:00 AM.

Benefit Garage Sale for the family of Chris Herring on Saturday, October 4th from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM at the Forest Lake VFW.

​​Highlights of the September 9, 2014 T​​own Board Meeting

Attorney Mike Haag - The maintenance position is closed and we have a candidate to fill the position. More on this later. 

Resolution No. 2014 -16 The 2015 levy was adopted and certified to the Anoka County Auditor in the amount of $1,500,000.00.

Resolution No. 2014-17 The Linwood Town Board proclaims October to be Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Resolution No. 2014-18 The Linwood Town Board proclaims September 17 through the 23 as Constitution Week and asks our citizens to reaffirm the ideals that the framers of the Constitution had in 1787 by vigilantly protecting the freedom guaranteed to us through this guardian of our liberties, remembering that the lost rights may be never regained.

Mike would like to do more research on the Cell Tower Company lease and fees. Tabled until the next Town Board Meeting.

John Zacher gave a brief update on bringing natural gas to the Shadow Ridge Development. He has requested written funding guidelines from Xcel. He is still waiting for a response. 

Fire Department -No report available.​ The booya and the band were great. Thanks for all your hard work!

Senior Committee - The Committee appointed to research the possibility of purchasing a new stove for the Senior Center brought a recommendation to the Town Board. It was referred to the Senior Committee and will come back to the Town Board on October 28, 2014

Road and Bridge -The minutes are completed and available. Contact the Town Hall for a copy.  Fall Road Review will be Saturday, September 27, 2014. 

Building Department - No report available.

Park Board - The Park Board put together a very nice brochure on the parks in Linwood Township. There are 14 parks plus the county parks. If you haven't checked out Boettcher Park and the Fairway Flyerz Disc Park, you should. Brochures are available at the Town Hall.

Sunrise Watershed District -The carp barrier on the south end of Martin lake is still 90% complete and waiting completion of the two sides. The carp barrier on Fawn Lake Drive should begin this fall. Completion of this project is planned for November 2015.

School Forest Committee - will sell the Metro Dining cards at the school for $24.00. This is an annual fund raiser for the school forest.  If you like to eat out, these are a good deal.

Recycling -The recycling effort for Linwood Family Fund Days was a great success. Thanks to all the volunteers. Ed Kramer won the 2014 Linwood Hall of Fame Award for all his hard work in recycling and in the Township. Thanks Ed. A flyer will go out soon to all Citizens regarding the Linwood recycling effort.

Family Fun Day - was a huge success. A big thank you to the Family Fund Day Committee and the many volunteers for their many hours of service. The fireworks were fantastic. A Linwood Family Fun Day Volunteer Party will be held in the Senior Center, September 17, 2014, 5:30 PM. Pot Luck! Bring a dish to share. Drinks are provided. 

Sample State Election Ballot for Anoka County is available in the Town Hall. The Town question to hire or elect a clerk is on the upper right hand corner of the ballot. Yes means hire. No means continue to elect. It is important for all citizens to vote on this issue. 

Town Board Minutes - were approved for August 26, 2014. ​

The Town Board approved the payment of the September 9, 2014 bills in the amount of $29,518.64 and the payroll in the amount of $10,839.32. 

The Anoka County Historical Society will hold a special dinner to celebrate the 90 anniversary of WCCO radio. October 1, 2014. Proceeds from the evening will support the Historical Society and its programs. The evening features WCCO personalities Dave Lee, John Hines, Mike Lynch, Denny Long, Steve Murphy and more. See the Anoka County Historical Society website for more details.

Open House At the Sheriff's Office Sheriff James Stuart and his staff invite you to an open house at the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office and Tri County Regional Forensic Laboratory on Tuesday, September 16, from 4-7 pm.

In addition, the open house will feature:

• Tours of the Sheriff’s Office and Forensic Laboratories

• Displays of Sheriff’s Office vehicles

• Displays of Sheriff’s Office specialty units: SWAT Team, Dive Team, Crime Scene Unit

• Reserve/Explorer Units and volunteer opportunities

• Chaplain Program

• Free fingerprinting of children

Further information available at

​​Highlights of the August 26, 2014 T​​own Board Meeting 

Sunrise Watershed District -The carp barrier is 90% complete at the south end of Martin Lake. Bids have been accepted for the other carp barriers and should start this fall.

Attorney Mike Haag - Resolution No. 2014 - Leave Donation Policy was approved.
Resolution No. 2014- According to Minnesota Statute 465.03 - Accepting donations that have come into the township, these donations were primarily for the fire truck renovation and Linwood Family Fun Day.
Mike will start negotiations with the Cell Tower Company for fees paid to the Township.
Additional information was handed out regarding bringing gas to the Shadow Ridge Development. This will be a long term project. See August 12 Town Board update for more information. ​

C​​rabtree Companies - Linwood Township has approved purchasing a program from Cragtree Companies to implement a laserfiche program to make the Township paperless/digital. The Township will upgrade equipment to make this possible. This will take a long time to complete but in the end it will save the Township dollars and make Township files fire proof. 

Fire Department - The Fire Department is gearing up for the Booya and the dance on September 6th. 
Oxford Township had a meeting August 26th to decide whether or not to partner with Linwood, Lent, Stacy and Isanti. No news regarding the outcome. 
The cracks in the Fire Station floor are being fixed under warranty. 
Two of the Firefighters have started the ACTA and one Firefighter will be starting his medical training. People wanting to donate to the restortation of the old fire truck should make a check out to Linwood Township and mark it FWD Restoration Funds.   

Senior Center - May and June bus logs are available. A letter of resignation was accepted from Howard Nessel to leave the Senior Committee. Thanks Howard for your many years on the Senior Advisory Committee.

Building Department - ​​20 building permits were issued for July. Accessory buildings, new siding, deck, sheds, window replacements, new septic systems, porch, boathouse and garage.

Recycling -CHIPSTAR PTO 8 - Received $3500 from  a grant to purchase a wood chipper to create compost. 

Town Board Minutes - were approved for July 22, 2014 and August 12, 2014. Two corrections were made to the August 12, 2014 minutes.

Annual Meeting minutes - are available in draft form. To be approved at the next Annual Meeting in March.

Website/Channel 10 Coordinator - Job description approved.

The Linwood Town accepted Chris Herring letter of resignation with regret. Chris was an asset to the Township and he will be missed. Thanks Chris for all your hard work. 

Redpath and Company were again chosen to be our 2015 auditors. 

The Town Board approved the payment of the August 26, 2014 bills in the amount of $75,837.31 and the payroll in the amount of $11,144.65.   ​​
​​Highlights of the August 12, 2014 T​​own Board Meeting

Election News - 327 citizens voted in the primary election. Filing for Office in Linwood has closed for the year 2014. The candidate for Supervisor, seat A is Bob Millerbernd and seat D is Mike Halliday. Candidates for Treasurer are Carrie Luedtke and Vicki Erickson. Meet the Candidate Meeting will be tentatively scheduled for October 23rd at the Senior Center 7 PM.

Sunrise Watershed District - The first carp barrier will be installed at the south end of Martin Lake starting tomorrow. 

Natural Gas to Shadow Ridge - A Shadow Resident asked for the Town Board's approval to petition residents to bring natural gas to that area of the township. The Town Board referred this matter to attorney Mike Haag. The resident and Mike will determine what needs to be done next. 50% of the homes in Shadow ridge area need to be on board for this to move forward. This is one of the few areas in the township that doesn't have natural gas. 

Attorney Mike Haag
Resolution 2014-13 Leave Donation policy - This leave policy was sent back to the lawyer for some corrections and will be brought back to the Town Board on August 26, 2014. This is a policy for employees to donate their time off to another employee in need.

A one time motion was passed allowing a terminating employee to donate their unused sick time to another employee.

Resolution 2014-14 Allowing the Stacy Lions Club to serve non-intoxicating malt liquor at Linwood Family Fun Day has been approved.

Linda Anderson - Was approved to be on the Senior Committee.

Mike Youngbauer - Septic System Notice to Linwood Residents - Since 2007, MN Rules Chapter 7080 has required an assessment of every septic tank every three years, at minimum. Every home in Linwood Township will be required to have an assessment. Contact the building department for further information. 

The Town Board Minutes July 22, 2014 were not available and will be approved on August 26, 2014.

Linwood Newsletter - Forest Lake Printers was the lowest bid and has been chosen to print our newsletter. Kelly Kramer is our new editor. The newsletter should go to the printers tomorrow and will be mailed out to every home in Linwood. 

Linwood Website - Very good news - The citizens are visiting the Linwood website on a regular basis. Since July 11th there were 8,820 hits on the site.   Did you know you can ask a questions and leave feedback in the feedback forum? Your questions will be answered as soon as possible and your feedback is welcomed. 

Payment of the August 12 bills in the amount of $23,663.97 and the regular payroll for August 1 , 2014.

Linwood Township received Township aid from the Minnesota Department of Revenue in the amount of $411.00. We will receive two installments.

A township resident came before the Town Board again requesting a copy of the 2014 Annual Meeting minutes. She has been requesting the information from the Town Clerk repeatedly since June 5. Philip's response to her was "We're working on it." More information about this issue can be found in my report of the July 22 Town Board meeting.

C​​rabtree Companies - Linwood Township is considering going paperless/digital.  Crabtree has given the Township a proposal which will be discussed on August 26, 2014.

​​Highlights of the July 22, 2014 T​​own Board Meeting

Kevin Tramm - The Linwood Township Building Inspector has resigned as of August 8, 2014.  He will be missed in the Township.

Mike Jungbauer - was hired as the new Linwood Township Building Inspector.  He is very qualified to do the job.  Mike will start training with Kevin next week.  ​​

Fire Department - No new update on the agreement with Oxford Township to partner with Linwood, Lent, Stacy and Isanti.

Anyone wanting to make a donation to restore Linwood's first fire truck can send a donation to the Town Hall and mark the donation, "FWD Restoration Fund"​.

Kelly Kramer - Website Coordinator presented the new Linwood Township website  to the Town Board and answered questions.  Kelly was asked  by the Town Board to take on the Linwood newsletter and she has agreed.  ​​

Primary Election will be held on August 12, 2014.  A sample ball​​ot is available in the Town Hall.  The Town Board meeting scheduled for that evening will begin at 8:15 PM after the election hours have closed. 

Mike Haag - No report from Mike as he is on vacation.​​

Deputy Clerk Mike Parker - will be taking on the Clerk duties from July 31 - August 8. 

Treasurer and Supervisors Positions - Filing for either the Treasurer position or Supervisor A or D will be open July 29th​​ and close August 12th at 4:00 PM. These are four year terms.  You must make an appointment to file for office.  Call Pam at Town Hall 651-462-2812.  ​More information is available on the Linwood Township website.

Kramer Mechanical was awarded the bid on a new air conditioner for the Town Hall.​​

The Minnesota Association of Townships has requested a door prize for their Educational Meeting Conference and Annual Meeting in November,  This request was tabled until August 26th.

Approved Pay Estimate #1 for 2014 to Knife River Corporation for street maintenance in the amount of $204,447.46.

Approved the Town Board Meeting minutes for July 8, 2014 with minor corrections.

Approved the payment of the bills for July 22, 2014 in the amount of $303,906.33 and for the July 17, 2014 in the amount of $16,516.01.  ​​

A Township resident - approximately 6 weeks ago requested the 2014 Annual Meeting minutes from the Clerk through the Data Practices Act. According to the Linwood Township's Data Practices Act Policy ​​any request for data must be in writing on the form provided by the Township. If a data request can't be filled in 14 days, the Township will notify the person in writing and inform the person of approximately the amount of time it will take to complete the request. The resident used the correct form.  According to the Clerk, the date was incorrect, so she claimed that she thought the request was a joke. Minnesota law requires that the minutes of the Annual Meeting must be written and available in unapproved form to the public after the Annual Meeting.  

The Township resident then cited the Open Meeting law, which states according to the Manual On Town Government, written by the Minnesota association of Townships, that if someone requests minutes that have not been approved, the copies should clearly state that they are unapproved and subject to change. The law also states that the journal of minutes (minute book) must be open to the public during normal business hours where records are kept. The Clerk stated that we have no book of minutes, and she posts minutes on the Township website instead. So, I wonder, why aren't the 2014 Annual Meeting minutes on the website? The Clerk responded to the resident, "Why don't you act like an adult?" Chairmen Osterhus sent the issue to our Town Attorney for clarification. ​​​​

Highlights of the July 8, 2014 T​​own Board Meeting

Anoka County -
The Town Board approved the 2015 Sheriff's contract in the amount of $221,116.​​00.

Attorney Mike Haag​​ -  Anoka County and Linwood Township entered into a license agreement to use county right of way to install, maintain and repair the carp barriers and guardrails.  There will be a carp barrier between Martin Lake and Typo lake on Fawn Lake Drive and another on Typo Creek Drive.

Resolution No. 2014-12 Township Policy on Background Checks of Employees and Volunteers was approved by the Town Board.  Copies available in the Town Hall.

Animal Control - ​Starting August 1, 2014 Linwood Township will contract with Tammy Gimpl, Gratitude Farms, to take care of the Township's animal control. Cats are not part of this contract.

Building Department - ​​The June building report is available. 1 new home, 2 residings,1 new roof, 1 furnace replacement, 1 new AC, 2 accessory buildings, 2 decks, 1 screened porch and 1 garage.

Fire Department - Chief Darryl Ballman​​
22 calls in June, 14 medical and 8 fire.​
2.  Fire Sirens are all in good working order.​ ​
3.  Oxford Township is interested in a partnership with Linwood, Lent, Stacy and Isanti. The Fire Department 
     is still working on an agreement.
​​4.  Three of our Fire Fighters are getting ready to start their training at the Academy. (ACTA)
5.  The Fire Department is looking at applications to possibly hire three more Fire Fighters.​​​​
6.  Ken Minske and Bill Durheim addressed the Town Board on the rare opportunity to purchase back Linwood's
​     very first Fire Truck. We bought the truck in the mid 50's from Minneapolis and it was in use in Linwood until
​     1974 or 1975. Currently it is owned by a private party who is willing to sell the truck back to the Township.
​     There were several of the Reserve Fire Fighters in the audience to support this effort,  some that used that   
​      truck. The purposed plan was for the Township to purchase the truck, and the Reserve Members will raise
​      funds to restore the truck and do the labor. What a piece of Linwood history! The Town Board approved the ​      purchase of the ​truck for $9,800.00.
Senior Center - The Senior Committee minutes are available.​​​
 An estimate is needed for the repair of the partitions in the Senior Center.
Melvin Pfaffendorf resigned from the Senior Committee.  Melvin has served many years on the Senior Advisory Board.  Thanks Mel.

Road and Bridge - ​​Culvert is rusted out on East Typo Creek Drive, near the north end.  The culvert will need to be replaced. Bob Beckman will replace the culvert.
205th - Large washout.  Bob Beckman will work on fixing the washout.
240th and West Fawn Lake Drive - Two culverts need to be cleaned.
June minutes are available.

Sunrise Watershed ​​​- The carp barrier on the south end of Martin Lake has been delayed by high, fast water through the culverts.  New bids are needed for the other 3 barriers.

Township Election Judges for the 2014​​ Elections
Head Judge Sheila Bien
Asst. Head Judge Doris Wetjen
Judy Hanna
Anita Johnson
Craig Kasl
Jan McDonugh
Eileen Reinke
Ruth Smallidge
Sandra Staub
John Weimer
Brenda Willard

Recycling - $850.00 was approved to put electric service into the new Recycling Center.​​  The money will come out of the recycling funds.​  New Signs will be made for the Recycling area.

Payment of the July 8,2014 bills and July 3, 2014 payroll​​ were approved.

Town Board Meeting minutes for June 24, 2014 were approved with two corrections.​​

Highlights of the June 24, 2014 T​​own Board Meeting

Annual Insurance review - ​​The Town Board reviewed and approved the annual insurance quote. No major changes.  ​
Planning and Zoning -Application for a variance 2014-07 to build a detached garage closer to the road than the code setback allows was approved. ​​

Website - Job description for the Website/Channel Coordinator was sent to the HR Committee for review.

Recycling-  Linwood Township received two awards, one for an increase of 27 tons over last year (43% increase) and the second award was for the most improved recycling drop off center.  ​​​

2014 Street Crack Sealing Project -​​  Astech Corp was approved.  They were the lowest bidder.

Class 5 gravel - Dresel was awarded the contract to lay the class 5 gravel.  They were the lowest bidder.

Absentee Ballot Update - Anyone can vote an absentee ballot for any reason or no reason.
​​​Absentee ballots are available online, by mail or in person at Linwood Town Hall or the Anoka County Government Center.
Absentee voting for the Primary Election: June 27 – August 11
Absentee voting for the General Election: September 19 – November 3
In-person absentee voting is available M-F during normal business hours 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM and on the Saturday prior to the election (August 9) from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Pam Olson and Sheila Bien will cover the absentee voting​.

Annual Town Board road review - 9/30/2014

Town Board Meeting Minutes for June 10, 2014 were approved with two corrections. 

Discussion on adding the Town Board agenda to the Linwood Township website was discussed.  It didn't  come to a vote.  The Chairmen of the Board, Philip Osterhus and Clerk, Judy Hanna  thought it was not acceptable to put the agenda on the website because agendas may have corrections and additions made at meeting time.  I failed to get agenda's added to the website so citizens would be aware of what would be discussed.

Animal Control update - Linwood Township has no Animal Control person as of July 1, 2014. We have not been able to find another Animal Control Person, so until that happens, citizens will need to call the sheriff's office.

Payment of the bills for June 24, 2014 bills and the payroll were approved. 

Highlights of the June 10, 2014 T​​own Board Meeting

Adopted a Park -Linwood Township is looking for volunteers to adopt a park.​​ You can contact  Mike Pederson,  Park and Rec Chairperson at if you would like more information.

​​Don Sherper - Minnesota Association of Townships

1.​  Would remove the word “navigable” from the Clean Water Act (CWA) and allow the Corps of Engineers and  Environmental Protection Agency to regulate all interstate and intrastate waters.
2. Because of the Casselton, ND train wreck talks about how to improve rail safety.
3. The DNR wants to turn 2,000,000 acres of farm field into prairie in western Minnesota.​​​​
4. Minnesota Association of Townships has a new program to pick the township of the year.​​

​​Attorney Mike Haag​​ -
1.  ​Discussion on background checks/drivers license checks - Who should have a check and who should receive the information.  Mike Haag will draft a resolution for the June 24th meeting.  All employees, supervisors and volunteers will be asked to have a background check. 
2.  ​​Property Complaints were discussed.

Website/Channel 10 -​​Kelly Kramer, Website Coordinator,  gave the Town Board an update on the website.  The Township will buy an upgrade to make the website accommodate the township's needs.  This is a one-time cost of approximately $900 - $1100. The website has had 1900 hits in 3 weeks. 
Channel 10 TV access died a few weeks ago and now has magically started again.  Kelly was not able to find anyone who had knowledge to fix the program because it is so old. The Township will continue to use the program as long as it works. Updates will be made soon.

Fire Department -​​ Chief Darryl Ballman

1.  19 runs - 8 medical and 11 fires for May​​
2.​  Andrew Ludtke was chosen as the new Administrative Captain.
3.​  Oxford Township is interested in a partnership with Linwood, Lent, Stacy and Isanti.
4.   7 new SC​BA tanks were purchased. (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus)
5.  Fire restrictions lifted.  Fire permits are needed for anything other than a recreational fire.  Free fire permits are available at the Town Hall or from Fire Wardens.

Senior Center​​ - The new Senior Committee will meet Monday, June 16 at 9:00 AM. Deb Parker was added to the Senior Committee. 

Recycling - Linwood T​​ownship received an award from Anoka County for the most improved recycling program. 

Linwood Family F​​un Day - September 6, 2014

Town Board's Road Review will be discussed on June 24th.

Animal Control - Linwood Township is looking for someone to take over the animal control as of July 1, 2014.

The payment of the bills and payroll for June 6th were approved.

The Town Board minutes were approved for May 13 and May 27, 2014.​​

​​Highlights of the May 27, 2014 T​​own Board Meeting

Planning and Zoning -
Application for a variance 2014-06 to build a boathouse was approved with the stipulation that there are no living quarters and that it meets the DNR regulations.  ​​

Attorney Mike Haag​​ - Resolution 2014-11, adding a question to the ballot in November, whether the Town Clerk should be a hired position or continue to be an elected position. 

Senior Center - The papers have been submitted to the state asking to dissolve the Senior Center corporation as recommended by the State Auditor. See the State Auditor's letter, page 2 of website, for further details.​​

A new Senior Center Committee was approved.  This committee replaces the Senior Advisory Board.  The members are Steve Junker, Cathy Hereau, Melvin Pfaffendorf, Judy Hanna, Eileen Reinke, Nancy Olson and Jan Erickson. New members can be added by request. 

Professional contract was approved with the Mediation Services of Anoka County to provide conflict resolution services for Linwood Township.  ​​​​

Discussion on whether newly hired staff should have keys to the Town Hall before passing their probation. Tabled until the June 10th Town Board meeting so that the HR committee can review the policy. 

C​​leaning Position - Hired both Larry and Nancy Olson to work a total of 10 to 14 hours a week to clean the Senior Center and the Town Hall. 

Discussion on the April 29, 2014 meeting at Columbus.  Linwood Town Supervisors were invited  to Columbus to discuss the possibility of combining our Police Force.  At this time, Linwood doesn't believe this would be in the best interest of the Township.

April​​ Financials - Tabled until June 10, 2014 so all Town Board Supervisors can review the financials.

Payment of the May 27 bills and payroll was approved.

Letter from Marline Skinner, animal control person, resigning as of June ​​30, 2014.  Linwood will be looking for another provider.​​

​​Highlights of the May 13, 2014 T​​own Board Meeting

Website/Channel 10 - Kelly Kramer was hired to Coordinate the Linwood Township Website and the channel 10 access.  You should see changes in the next month.

Attorney Mike Haag - ​​Ordinance 150 has changed from "Undue Hardship" to "Practical Difficulties."​​ This is the Ordinance regarding variances.​
Resolution Accepting Donations.  The Town Board is required by law to accept each donation by resolution.  Accepting donations is done at least quarterly.  Donations accepted.
Mike Haag is working with Anoka County on the question for the November ballot.​​  Should we elected or hire a Town Clerk. Judy Hanna was indicated she is not running again. 
Background checks - Discussion on a need for a policy.  This issue will be addressed by the HR Committee.

Building Department - ​​April building report is ready.  2 new homes, 2 accessory building, swimming pool, furnace/AC, 2 roofs, repair of water damage, ​finish basement, mobile home setup, garage addition, and a new septic system. For a full report see Kevin at the Town Hall.

Fire Department - ​​New Captain position interviews the week of May 26th.
The Linwood F​ire Department is working with Oxford Township on an agreement to share resources.
The Town Board approved the purchase of 7 new SC​BA tanks (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus).
All the Linwood sirens are working.

Senior Center - ​​​ Senior Advisory Board Meeting, Monday, May 19th, 9:00 AM.

Road and Bridge -  R​​oad review scheduled for Saturday, May 17th at 8:00 AM - Meet at the Linwood Town Hall.  Meeting minutes are posted and available​​ in the Town Hall.
Street sweeping is completed.
Traffic counters are on some of the Linwood roads to help determine road repair priorities.

Park Board - Park Tour 5:00 PM, Monday May 19th.​​

Recycling​​ - The April recycling effort filled the new recycling building.  The Township recycling is growing. 70 yards of junk.  The Town Board approved $2,000.00 for recycling containers. ​

Planning and Zoning - ​​Gary Gustafson was approved to join the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Filing for the audit, the April financials were tabled until next month. 

Payment of the May 13 bills and April 25 payroll were approved.

April 22, 2014 Town Board minutes were approved with one correction, word police changed to policy.

Local Board of Appeal and Equalization for Linwood Township met April 22, 2014, at 5:00 p.m. - The purpose of this meeting is to determine whether taxable property in the jurisdiction has been properly valued and classified by the assessor, and to determine whether corrections need to be made. ​ No Township residents came before the Board.

​​Highlights of the April 22, 2014 T​​own Board Meeting

Peggy Moeller, CPA HLB Tautges Redpath LDT - ​Peggy came to give a 2013 audit
​review​​. Listed below are the concerns. 

1.  Inconsistent use of the time clock.
2.  Lack of documentation for disbursements.
3.  Lack of acceptance of donations by the Town Board.
4.  Lack of Documentation for public purpose.
5.  Bank statements should be sent directly to the Township Treasurer, not the Town
6.  Senior Center Board - confusion regarding the structure of the Senior Advisory Board.

The Town Board has passed resolutions to deal with each issues.  If you are interested in reviewing the 2013 audit, call the Town Hall. 462-2812 or if you want more information call or email me.

Planning and Zoning - ​​ A variance was approved for Jay and Kathy Gustafson for a pole shed exceeding 1800 square feet.

Attorney Mike Haag -  Approval for a Resolution accepting the 2030 Comprehensive Plan. Copies of the Comprehensive Plan are available in the Town Hall.
Approval for a Resolution Regulating Linwood Family Fun Day.  Family Fun Day will be paid for by the levy and not by fundraising.  See Auditor's letter for details.
​Attorney Mike Haag will take over the Linwood Township code book. ​​​​​ ​

Linwood Family Fun Day​​ Committee has been reorganized to be more like the other Linwood committees.  Judy Hanna is the President, Nancy Olson the Vice President and Kris Millerbrend the secretary.  Bob Millerbernd will stay as the Township Supervisor.

Payment of the bills and the payroll were approved.

The minutes for March 25, 2014 were approved.  Carol Searing abstained.  The minutes for April 8, 2014 were approved. 

Cell phone for the Senior Center Coordinator was tabled until Supervisor Halliday has time
to discuss this with Dawn Cash. 


Highlights of the April 8, 2014 T​​own Board Meeting

Attorney Mike Haag - The following resolutions were passed in response to either the Linwood Auditor or Minnesota State Auditor. 
Town policy requires the use of a time clock when employees begin and finish each day.  The Town Auditor noted that it is not being consistently used. Supervisors will review time cards to ensure the time clock is used.​
​Audit test indicated that some Township expenditures have been made without proper documentation. The Town shall require supporting documentation for all expenditures before a payment is made.  Town Supervisors shall monitor this requirement to ensure it is followed.
Linwood T​ownship will establish procedures to ensure that all expenditures have a public purpose.
All gifts and donations shall be accepted by resolution by a two-thirds majority of its members. All donation shall be reviewed, approved and accepted by the Town Board at least quarterly.
T​​o review the full resolution call the Town Hall for a copy.

R​​oad and Bridge - Meeting Minutes are available.  $45,000 is available for crack filling to begin this summer.  Street clean up will begin in May.

Building Report - ​​March Building Report - One new home, outdoor wood burner, exhaust/vent system,
three furnaces and a new addition.​

​Fire Department - 21 runs, 15 medical and 6 fires. Job Posting - Captain 15 within the Fire Department.  Open to firefighters with at least 5 years of service.  For further details contact the Fire Chief. Congratulations to Linwood Firefighter and EMT Brian  Meyer who received the 2014 Star of Life award, a very prestigious national award.

The Comprehensive Plan is now complete and has been accepted by the Metropolitan Council.  This document outlines a framework for guiding and directing future community growth and improvement. The Linwood Township Comprehensive Plan gives attention to natural environment, land use, transportation, community facilities, and administration. Each section of the plan provides discussion of the key issues facing the community now and in the future, and uses maps and tables to convey key information and concepts. Each section of the plan concludes with a explicit statement of goals and policies to help guide future decision-making. Through this format, the Township provides itself a comprehensive perspective and decision-making instrument to guide community growth through the year 2030. You can review the Comp Plan on the Linwood Township Website.

Ballot question - ​​The board passed a motion to put the clerk's position on the November ballot for the voters to decide whether the clerk's position should be elected or hired. The treasurer position will not be put on the ballot at this time. 

Nancy Olson will be hired as the cleaner for the Senior Center and Town Hall at $14.00 per hour and 10 hours per week. 

The March 28th minutes were tabled until April 22, 2014.

Payment of the bills in the amount of $10,975.70 and the payroll in the amount of $13,882.53 were approved. 

January and February township financials are available.  This is public information if anyone wants to view this information.

The  annual audit report is ready and will be reviewed at the Town Board meeting on April 22 at our 6 PM meeting.  ​​​​​​

​​​​​​Rudi's going away party will be April 30th at 10 AM.  Bring a dish to share.

Free Shredding Event - Saturday, April 19, 9:00 to 11:30​​ AM, Security Victor Insurance Agency in Wyoming.

Highlights of the March 25, 2014 Town Board Meeting​​

Timothy Marion, Area Wildlife Supervisor MN Department of Natural Resources - The MN DNR came before the Town Board to get approval to purchase 40 acres of land from the Pfaffendorfs. This land adjoins two state properties near the Linwood Elementary School. Approved.

Attorney Mike Haag - ​​Linwood Township received a Level 2 predatory offenders notification (Ordinance 145).  Linwood made the Sheriff aware of our Ordinance.  There is nothing Linwood can do about this person living in Linwood.  Please contact the Sheriff with your questions and concerns. 763-323-5000​​
Sections 810 810.04, SEXUAL OFFENDERS AND SEXUAL PREDATORS, of the Linwood Town Code is adopted as follows:
810.01 Findings and intent.
(1) Repeat sexual offenders, sexual offenders who use physical violence and sexual offenders who prey on children are sexual predators who present an extreme threat to the public safety. Current information indicates that sexual offenders are extremely likely to use physical violence and to repeat their offenses, and most sexual offenders commit many offenses, have many more victims than are ever reported, and are prosecuted for only a fraction of their crimes. This makes the cost of sexual offender victimization to society at large and specifically to Linwood Township (Township), while incalculable, clearly exorbitant.
(2) It is the intent of this division to serve the Townships compelling interest to promote, protect and improve the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the Township by creating areas around locations where children regularly congregate in concentrated numbers wherein certain sexual offenders and sexual predators are prohibited from establishing temporary or permanent residence.
810.02. Definitions.
The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this article, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:
(1) Designated offender: Means any person who has been convicted of a designated sexual offense, regardless of whether adjudication has been withheld, in which the victim of the offense was less than sixteen (16) years of age, or who has been categorized as a Level III sex offender under Minnesota Statute 244.052 or successor or amended statute.
(2) Designated sexual offense: Means a conviction, adjudication of delinquency, commitment under Minnesota Statute 253B, or admission of guilt under oath without adjudication involving any of the following offenses: 609.342; 609.343; 609.344; 609.345; 609.352; 609.365; 617.23; 617.246; 617.247; 617.293; successor or amended statute, or a similar offense from another state.
(3) Permanent residence: Means a place where the person abides, lodges, or resides for fourteen (14) or more consecutive days. Permanent residence does not require an ownership interest by the person in such residence.
(4) Temporary residence: Means a place where the person abides, lodges, or resides for a period of fourteen (14) or more days in the aggregate during any calendar year and which is not the persons permanent address, or a place where the person routinely abides, lodges, or resides for a period of four or more consecutive or nonconsecutive days in any month and which is not the persons permanent residence.
810.03. Sexual offender and Sexual Predator Residence Prohibition; Penalties; Exceptions.
(1) Prohibited location of residence. It is unlawful for any designated offender to establish a permanent residence or temporary residence:
(a) Within two thousand (2,000) feet of any school, licensed day care center, park, or playground; or
(b) Within one thousand (1,000) feet of any designated public school bus stop, place of worship which provides regular educational programs (i.e. Sunday school), or other places where children are known to congregate.
(1) Prohibited activity. It is unlawful for any designated offender to participate in a holiday event involving children under eighteen (18) years of age, such as distributing candy or other items to children on Halloween, wearing a Santa Claus costume on or preceding Christmas, or wearing an Easter Bunny costume on or preceding Easter. Holiday events in which the offender is the parent or guardian of the children involved, and no non-familial children are present, are exempt from this paragraph.
(2) Measurement of distance.
(a) For purposes of determining the minimum distance separation, the requirement shall be measured by following a straight line from the outer property line of the permanent residence or temporary residence to nearest outer property line of a school, designated public school bus stop, day care center, park, playground, place of worship, or other place where children regularly congregate.
(b) The Town Clerk shall maintain an official map showing prohibited locations as defined by this Ordinance. The Clerk shall update the map at least annually to reflect any changes in the location of prohibited zones. The map shall not be deemed conclusive or all-encompassing since prohibited zones change from time to time including but not limited to designated public school bus stops or other places where children are known to congregate.
(3) Penalties. Each day a person maintains a residence in violation of this ordinance constitutes a separate violation.
(4) Exceptions. A designated offender residing within a prohibited area as described in Sec. 810.03 (1), does not commit a violation of this section if any of the following apply:
(a) The person established the permanent residence or temporary residence and reported and registered the residence pursuant to Minnesota Statute 243.166, 243.167, or successor statute, prior to enactment of this Section.
(b) The person was a minor when he/she committed the offense and was not convicted as an adult.
(c) The person is a minor.
(d) The school, designated public school bus stop or day care center within two thousand (2,000) feet of the persons permanent residence was opened after the person established the permanent residence or temporary residence and reported and registered the residence pursuant to Minnesota Statute 243.166 or 243.167.
(e) The residence is also the primary residence of the persons parents, grandparents, siblings, spouse, or children.
(f) The residence is a property owned or leased by the Minnesota Department of Corrections.
810.04. Property Owners Prohibited from Renting Real Property to Certain Sexual Offenders and Sexual Predators;
(1) It is unlawful to let or rent any place, structure, or part thereof, trailer or other conveyance, with the knowledge that it will be used as a permanent residence or temporary residence by any person prohibited from establishing such permanent residence of temporary residence pursuant to this Section, if such place, structure, or part thereof, trailer or other conveyance, is located within a prohibited location zone described in this ordinance.
(2) A property owners failure to comply with provisions of this Section shall constitute a violation of this Section, and shall subject the property owner to the code enforcement provisions and procedures as provided in Sec. 101.06 of this Code.
(3) If a property owner discovers or is informed that a tenant is a designated offender after signing a lease or otherwise agreeing to let the offender reside on the property, the owner or property manager may evict the offender.
SECTION 2. EFFECTIVE DATE. This Ordinance shall be effective immediately upon its passage and publication according law.
ADOPTED by the Board of Supervisors of the Town of Linwood this 8th day of October, 2013

Resolution 2014-04 All Hazard Mitigation Plan for Anoka County was revised to add a storm shelter to Linwood Terrace​​.

State Auditor's Letter - ​​Linwood Township received a letter from the Office of the State Auditor regarding a number of concerns​​​​. The letter provided was giving the Town guidance on the following issues.
1. How to handle donations
2. Fundraising
3. Senior Advisory Board
4. Linwood Family Fun Day
5. Personal purchases
6. Public purpose expenditures
7. Timekeeping procedures
8. Petty cash
9. R​​​​​​​​​eceipt books

The following is what I believed and wrote on March 6 2014. " We basically went over each item in the letter. We will need guidance from our Auditor and Attorney on many​ of these issues. We did discuss not having any further fundraisers because a Town has no statutory authority to hold fundraisers such as garage sales. The Annual Meeting may decide to fund Linwood Family Day from the levy."

We did get approval from the Annual Meeting to fund Linwood Family Fun Day through the levy.

I wish I could have included the Auditor's letter on this website put I don't have the program and the skills necessary that will allow me to do that. If you have any wisdom on how to do that please contact me. I can send you a copy by snail mail if you like.

Since I wrote that on March 6, 2014, Linwood Supervisors, excluding myself, have decided to allow DQ fundraisers and an upcoming benefit garage sale. I believe this is against the State Auditor's recommendations, and I believe we are making a mistake by  not following all of them. I was hoping we would carefully examine each and every recommendation as a Town Board, with the help of our attorney and our auditor. ​

​​UPDATE: I understand that the benefit garage sale has been moved to a private home for more information on dropping off item or details call Judy at 462-5600. This removes any conflict and issue
​as stated in the Auditor's letter.

Fire Department - Fire Chief Darryl Ballman - 21 runs for February, 15 medical and 6 fire. The Fire Department was approved to hire a new Captain 15 to do administrative duties for the department. 
​The Fire Department is talking to Oxford Township regarding a possible agreement for the Linwood Fire Department to respond to calls in Oxford Township when needed.  Look for the Fire Department's upcoming article in the Linwood Ledger on Radon.  3 probationary Firefighters are doing great. 

Police Calls - February​​ - Radio calls 120, Incident Reports 145, Burglary 1, Thefts 3, Assault 1, Felony Arrests 2, DUI Arrests 3, Domestic Arrests 2, Traffic Arrests 51.

Road and Bridge - ​​Craig Rylander was approved to become a new member of the Road and Bridge
​​Committee. The Lyons Den project will begin when the road restriction are removed around May 1st.
Crack filling will begin this summer.

Park Board - David Johnson has been accepted as a new member to the Park Board.  $2,000 was approved to upgrade the skating rink and warming house electric circuits to code and to put the lights on a timer.

School Forest - 2014 Medallion Winner is Justin Kleidostky.  Congratulations Justin!  He was also the 2012 winner.  T​​he School Forest Committee is adding two new members, David Johnson and Mike Pederson.

Sunrise Water Shed - The 1st of 4 carp barriers will be installed at the south end of Martin Lake in June.

Rudi McCurdy will resign his position on April 30th.  Thank you, Rudi, for your many years of service both as a Town Board Supervisor and employee.  Happy Retirement!

Payment of the bills and payroll approved.

Minutes approved for February 25, March 6, and March 11.​​​​


Annual Town Meeting​​ Highlights

Moderator:  Brent Lee
Introduction of the Town Board Supervisors, C​​​lerk, Treasurer, Attorney, and Linwood Auditor
Proposed 2015 budget
G​eneral Fund                    $418,715
Road and Bridge               $596,700​
Fire Department                $300​,765
Senior Center                    $  84,450​
Park and Recreation​         $  71,230
Police                                $225,000​
Capital Improvement         $  25,000​

Levy for 2015 was approved for $1,500,000

Discussion on election ballot question - Should the Township keep an elected clerk and/or treasurer or change to hired positions.  There was a good discussion.  The audience was able to express their views either for or against this issue. The Town Board will decide whether to put this issue on the ballot this fall, but the citizens in Linwood will ultimately make the decision.​​​​

Our two Linwood Police Officers were introduced.  Discussion on the heroin problem in Anoka County by Commissioner Rhonda Sivarajah and the Police Officers from Anoka County. We were informed that in 2013 Linwood Township had our first heroin death.  ​​This seems to be the new drug of choice.  They brought a map that showed the various crimes in Linwood Township. I didn't get an opportunity to view this map.  If you are interested in viewing this map ask a staff person in the Town Hall. 

Ed Kramer, who has done a great job on his recycling program, asked for and received permission to spend $200 to thank the many volunteers who have helped make the program a success.  They are building a new recycling center behind the senior center.  Most of the cost was paid for by recycling dollars.  ​​

​​I would guess that about 200 people attended the meeting, and the Town Board greatly appreciated their input and participation. 

The next Annual Meeting is set for March 10, 2015 at 7:00 PM.​​​

Highlight of the March 11, 2014 Town Board Meeting.​​
​​​This meeting followed the Annual Meeting.  This meeting was very short.  We paid the bills for March 11 in the amount of $11,516.30 and the regular direct deposit payroll in the amount of $11,516.30.

Highlights of the Special Town Board Meeting of March 6, 2014

Linwood Township received a letter from the Minnesota State Auditor regarding a number of concerns​​​​. The letter provided was giving the Town guidance on the following issues.
1.  How to handle donations
2.  Fundraising
3.  Senior Advisory Board
4.  Linwood Family Fun Day
5.  Personal purchases
6.  Public purpose expenditures
7. Timekeeping procedures
8.  Petty cash
9.  R​​​​​​​​​eceipt  book
We basically went over each item in the letter.  We will need guidance from our Auditor and Attorney on many​ of these issues. We did discuss not having any further fundraisers because a Town has no statutory authority to hold fundraisers such as garage sales.  The Annual Meeting may decide to fund Linwood Family Day from the levy.  These issues weren't created by the current Town Board, but it falls on us to address them.  "Stay tuned" for further reports as each issue is addressed.  

Highlights of the February 25​​, 2014 Town Board Meeting

5:00 PM Budget Meeting with the Auditor, Peggy Moeller​​. The budget and levy will be presented at the March 11, 2014, Annual Meeting.  The levy that is being asked of the citizens is $1,500,000.  This amount has stayed the same for several years now.

2014 Election - Cindy Reichert - ​​Cindy discussed the process for handling absentee ballots.  Starting June 27, 2014 - August 11, 2014 and September 19, 2014 - November 3, 2014 in-person absentee voting will be available on weekdays during normal business hours (8:00 am to 4:30 pm),  on the Saturday before the election and until 5:00 pm on the day before the election.  Anyone can vote with an absentee ballot either in person or by mail.  No excuses needed.  More information on voting as election day draws near.

Planning and Zoning - ​​The Town Board approved the variance, rezoning, preliminary plat and the final plat for the Hulsman property.

Fire Department - January there were 23 runs, 15 medical and 8 fire. In January all of the Linwood first responders were re-certified for 2 years.  Rescue 5 is back in service.  3 cadets will stay on for their 6 month probationary period. 

Road and Bridge -​​
The road projects for 2014 were awarded to Knife River Corporation.  Improvements will be made on Unser, 234th avenue and East Martin Lake Drive, north of the East Martin Lake outlet.

Attorney Mike Haag - Ordinance ​​148 - Adult Entertainment Ordinance was approved by the Town Board, and summary will be published in the Forest Lake Times. Copies are available in the Town Hall.

Payment of the bills and payroll were approved.

Linwood Town Board approved a request for Kevin Tramm, Linwood Township Building Inspector, to become a Notary. 

The February 11, 2014 Town Board Meeting minutes were approved.

Approved fireworks for Linwood Family Fund Day.

Disscussion on ​​​​​​polling the Annual Meeting attendees​​​​ on the subject of changing the the Town Clerk and/or Town Treasurer from elected positions to employees.

Board of Appeals and Equalization Meeting date has been changed to April 22, 5:00 PM.​​

Highlights of the February 11, 2014 Town Board Meeting​

The Forest Lake Times was chosen as the official newspaper.  Citizens living in zip code 55092 receive a free Times each week.  The Forest Lake Times has agreed to 3 places where citizens in zip code 55079 can pick up a free paper.  I will update when this happens.

Attorney Mike Haag - ​​Ordinance 149 - Septic System Ordinance was approved by the Town Board and by the MPCA.  Copies are available in the Town Hall.  Call Kevin for further information.

Ordinance 148 - Adult Use Ordinance should be finalized at the next Town Board meeting.

Resolution to pay​​​​ the clerk $389.60  per week, as a salaried position.

Resolution to keep the Supervisor pay the same for 2014.

Building  Department - Building projects were slow during January due to the cold and snow.  Only 6 permits for window replacements, furnaces, water heater, fireplace and a remodel.  The monthly report is available in the Town Hall.

Senior C​​enter -  Senior Coordinator on vacation until February 19th.  Ed Kramer rehabbed the  Senior Center stove and it is working again.  Exercise by DVD is happening on Monday and Wednesday at 10:00 AM. 

Road and Bridge - The February​​ meeting minutes are posted and available.

Park Board - The annual skating party was a success.  Great day for 50 to 60 ice skaters.  A special thanks to Bob Millerberndt, Mike Halliday, Mike Pederson and all the volunteers who made this day possible.  ​​

School Forest - Supervisor Millerbernd read a letter from Alan Hurtley resigning from the School Forest Committee.  T​​hanks AL for all your hard work.  Mary Tenjack was appointed to the School Forest as a Linwood Township representative.

Approval of a small wage increase for the following employees: Bus Driver, Road Foreman, Fire Dept.,​​
Election Judges, Maintenance Workers​, and two offices workers.

Payment of the February 11th bills in the amount of $100,357.65, regular payroll $11,922.63 and 2013 Park Board Commission payment for 2013 of $818.15.

File for audit the January 2014 financial information.  Approved

Approval of the January 28, 2014 Town Board Meeting minutes.

2015 budget is ready for the auditor.

Highlight of the January 28, 2014 Town Board Meeting​​

​​R​eorganizational Meeting
1. Town Board Chair - Philip Osterhus
2. Town Board V​​​ice-Chair - Mike Halliday
3.​ Official Newspaper - Will be decided next  Town Board meeting.   A motion was made  by Carol Searing to continue to have the Forest Lake Times but there was no second. 
4. Official Posting Places - Dolphy's, Country Store, Town Hall and Linwood Township's website.

Township Services

1. Attorney - Mike Haag
2. Auditor - Tautges Redpath, Ltd.
3. Building Inspector - Kevin Tramm
4. Engineer - Hakason Anderson
5. Health Authority​​​ - Kevin Tramm
6. Road Foreman - Frank Kvidera
7. Tree/Weed Inspector - Kevin Tramm

Supervisor (s) to oversee Township C​​​​ommittees

 1. Building Maintence - Bob Millerbernd
 2. Cemetery Committee - Has been dissolved. Responsibilities given back to the Township.
​ ​3. Fire Department - Philip Osterhus
 4. Insurance - Mike Halliday
 5. Personnel - Philip Osterhus & Mike Halliday
 6. Police - Philip Osterhus
 7. Recyling - Ed Kramer,
 8. Road and Bridge - Philip Osterhus & Ed Kramer​​​​​​
 ​9. Safety - Phil
10. Senior Center - Mike Halliday
11. School Forest - Bob Millerbernd
12. Sunrise River Watershed Management Organization - Bob Millerbernd
13. Cable, Newsletter and Webpage - Carol Searing​​​

Fee Schedule is available in the Town Hall.​​​
A feasibility study was competed  (By Hakanson Anderson, our Engineering Firm) to upgrade 245th Avenue, from Rutgers Street to the east cul-de-sac, to pavement standards.  Some of this project is in Linwood Township and some is in Oxford Township.  Our Attorney, Mike Haag will contact Oxford Township.  Preliminary discussions with Oxford Township indicate​​ that they may not be interested in allocating funds to this project.

Senior Center - Hank Senger and Nancy Olson were approved to be members of the Senior Advisory Board.​​

Fire Department - ​​The Town Board approved the Linwood Fire Department's revised Standard Operating Procedures/Standard Operating Guidelines.

​Ben Oleson, Hometown Planner - was present to discuss Ordinance 148, Regulation of Adult Entertainment​.  There were questions to be answered and more time needed to address this complex issue so the Town Board tabled it until February 11th Town Board Meeting. 

Employee Breaks - Attorney Mike Haag and Mike Halliday discussed the law regarding employee breaks and lunch times. This  issue was raised at the last Town Board Meeting.  We do conform with the law.  ​

​​Recycling​​ - Linwood Township received $34,000 in reimbursement from the county.  In past years we only received $16,000 to $18,000.  Recycling is going very well. 52 tons was taken in this last 6 months. There will not be an annual Recycling Day because citizens can recycle every 4th Saturday. Call Ed Kramer with questions. Thanks Ed.

The T​​​​own Board approved the payment of the January 28th bills and the payroll.

T​he minutes were approved for December 10, 2013 and January 14, 2013. 

​​Budget Meeting, January 27, 2014 6:30 PM

​​Highlights of the January 14, 2014 Town Board Meeting

Attorney Mike Haag​​ - The following three resolutions need to be approved yearly:
. Banking online
. Park Dedication Fees (​cash in lieu of conveyance or dedication of land) ($2,000 per developed lot  or  
  unit of land)
​​. Snowmobile Boundaries Resolution​
Copies of these resolutions are available at the Linwood Town Hall.  All were approved.

The Minnesota Supreme Court mandated a change in language to all Variance Ordinances.  The words "undue hardship" will be replaced by "practical difficulties".  Our Variance Ordinance will be amended accordingly.

Resolution Countywide Hazard Mitigation Plan -  We approved a resolution saying that Linwood Township supports the county hazard mitigation planning effort, wishes to join with the county in preparing the plan and recognizes that the plan will apply within the Township.​​

The Linwood Town Board will address the Adult Use Ordinance and the Individual Sewage Treatment Monitoring Plan at the January 28th meeting.  Please attend the meeting if you want to have any input.

Building Department - 16 building permits were issued in December 2013, 2 new homes, 3 furnaces,
2 water heaters, gas piping. 2 window replacements, accessory building, shelter, and a roof.  Contact Kevin at the Linwood Town Hall for a copy. 462-2812  The fee was waived for the new recycling building being constructed behind the Town Hall.

Board of Audit - ​​Financial reports submitted to the Board of Audit, include statements, which show beginning balances, receipts, disbursements, and ending balances for each fund and in total for 12 months ending December 31, 2013.  Also listed is detail for every disbursement and every receipt.
The complete list is available for public review.​

Fire Department - ​​Recognition night will be held Wednesday, February 5th.  The Linwood Fire Department will be given a Life Saver Award.  We have a great department, one we can be very proud to call ours.​
2 members completed their EMT training and national registry requirements.
1 member completed their Paramedics training and national registry requirements.
22 runs for December, 14 medical and 8 fire and recuse.  209 runs for 2013.  Approximately 60% were medical.​
Rescue 5 is back in service.
Old engine 2 is for sale. 
There are 4 new probationary members.
The Linwood Town Board was given copies of the Fire Department's Standard Operating Procedures/ Standard Operating guidelines for review.  These will be discussed and approved at the January 28th Town Board Meeting. These procedures have been approved by the Fire Department and the Township Attorney, Mike Haag.​​​​

Senior Center - Eileen Reinke and Deb Parker were approved to be the President and Vice - President of the SAB. Mediation will be held in the Senior Center on January 20th at 10:00 AM.
2015 budget will be prepared in January.  A 55 Defensive driving 4 hour class will held Monday, March 24th.  Call the Linwood Senior Center for details.

Road and Bridge - 2015 budget and January meeting minutes are posted and available in the Linwood Town Hall.​​   Linwood and Lent Townships have an agreement to provide snow removal.  The roads under contract are 238th Ave (approximately 1/2 miles west of Lyons Ave. and 241st Lane in the Lyons Den Development, both roads are in Linwood Township. February Road and Bridge Meeting will be changed due to the National Caucus Night, it is tentatively scheduled for Monday, February 3rd.

Park Board/School Forest -​​
Medallion Hunt will begin February 17th.  Further details later.  Jim Caldwell is the interim principal at Linwood Elementary School.

Sunrise water shed - Steve Milbrandt was appointed to the Sunrise Water Shed Committee.​
​​Department of Natural Resources has awarded a grant to the Sunrise River Water Management Organization for the installation of four carp barriers in Martin and Typo lakes. Other monies were given by the Martin Lakers, Sunrise River Management Organization, Anoka County Conservation District and Anoka County. This has been a long process, but it looks as if it's really going to happen in 2014. Many thanks to Jamie Schurbon and the many other people that made this possible.

Recycling​​ - is going very well. 52 tons was taken in this last 6 months.  There will not be an annual Recycling Day because citizens can recycle every 4th Saturday.  Call Ed Kramer with questions.

Linwood Family Fun Day - Meeting Monday, February 3rd following the School Forest Meeting.  Call for further details.  Dairy Queen Fundraiser, Wednesday, January 15, 5-8 PM.  Garage Sale, February 14th and 15th.​​

Approval of the payment of the December 24th and the January 14th bills and payrolls.

The December 10th meeting minutes were not available.

The Linwood Town Hall is going through some reorganization due to Judy Hanna's hours being reduced to 20 per week.  The office is still open 8 AM to 4:30 PM five days a week except holidays.​​

The Township office will be closed for the Martin Luther King Holiday.​​

Highlights of the December 10, 2013 Town Board Meeting

The December 24, 2013 Town Board Meeting has been cancelled.​​

Senior Center - Dawn Cash was hired as the Senior Center Coordinator.  Welcome Dawn!

Building Department - ​​
Kevin Tramm will go from a part-time contractor to  a full-time employee as of January 1, 2014.  There are new state rules for septic system monitoring which will increase Kevin's work load.  Linwood had 23 new houses this year.  Permits were issued for 2 septic systems, underground gas line, new home, 2 furnaces, water heater, addition, windows, and a roof.  The building report for November is ready.  If you would like a copy please contact the Town Hall.

Road and Bridge - The minutes are posted and available.  C​​ontact the Town Hall for a copy.

Park Board -
​​The volunteers are working on the skating rinks.  They hope to have the pleasure rink open by Christmas break.  They will open the hockey rink as soon as they can get it ready.  If you have experience flooding and maintaining rinks and would like to volunteer call the Town Hall.  A skating party is planned for January. 

School Forest - Trails are being groomed for skiing in the School Forest.  Butter braids will be delivered December 17th.​​

Sunrise Water Shed - ​​The grant has been secured from the Minnesota DNR  to go forward on the Martin and Typo Lake
Carp barrier project.  A meeting will be scheduled to discuss design review, permits and concerns.  Jamie Schurbon and the Anoka County Conservation District have worked a long time to make this happen.  

Attorney Mike Haag​​​ - 
Ordinance 147 amending Section 806.11 Variances
                                    Ordinance 148 Regulation of Adult Entertainment​
                                    Ordinance 149 Septic System monitoring​
If you want further information or copies of the proposed Ordinances please call the ​Town Hall.  Discussion at the January 14, 2014 Town Board Meeting. 

Recycling - ​​ New storage building has arrived.  Contact Ed Kramer if you can help with the construction of the new building. Christmas trees accepted at the January recycling.

HLB T​​autges Redpath, LTD. has been approved to prepare the 2013 annual audit.

Credit card line was increases in order to pay bill online.

Letter of resignation was accepted from Tim Peterson from the Sunrise Water Shed.

Personnel Policies update - Judy Hanna, Pam Olson and Carol Searing will work on updating the personnel policies
next year.

Laura Hermann's letter  resigning from the Senior Advisory Board was accepted with hope that she would join another committee.  ​​​

​​​​​​​​​Highlights of the November 26, 2013 Town Board Meeting

Fire Department - ​​The 2014 calendar is almost ready.  The Town Board approved 4 new Fire Department candidates.  The candidates will spend 6 months working with the Fire  Department before entering the Academy.  December 4th will be a Recognition Night for the Fire Department at 7:00 PM. The community is welcome. The Fire Department will have their annual Santa Breakfast at the Linwood, Senior Center on Saturday, December 7th.

Senior Center​​ - The Town Board has approved the hiring of a new Senior Coordinator.  The job will be offered this week.
​Mediation will continue for the Advisory Board through December.  The Town Board will revisit adding 3 people to the Advisory Board in January.  Laura Hermann resigned from the Senior Advisory Board.  Comment:  This is a loss to the Advisory Board.  Laura is a wonderful volunteer.We will miss her.  Thank you Laura for all you dedication.

Attorney Mike Haag was not there tonight due to illness.  T​​he Ordinance amending Section 806.11, Variances and the Draft regulation of Adult Entertainment was tabled until December 10, 2013.

Pam Olson was hired for 32 hours per week as the T​ownship Accountant beginning December 1, 2013 ending her temporary position. 

Approval for payment of the November 26, 2013 bills to be paid in the amount of $47,096.53 including the payroll.

November 12 T​​own Board Minutes were approved.​

​​​​Highlights of the November 12, 2013 Town Board Meeting

​​ ​Building D​​epartment - The October Building report is available. 2 new homes, 3 pole barns, 1 addition, 2 new porches, 2 new furnaces and a couple of roofs.  For a copy call the Town Hall.

Fire Department - ​​ There were 15 medical runs and 5 fires in October. Grass 3 has gone into Red Power for modifications for the Medical Vehicle and will be back in December. Rescue 5 has been sold.  The buyer is from Linwood and has a week to remove the "Linwood Fire and Rescue" still on the side. Roof leaking in the Fire Tower.  December 4th will be a Recognition Night for the Fire Department at 7:00 PM. The community is welcome.  The Fire Department has 9 applicants for the Fire Fighter positions.  Plans are to bring on 3-4 new Fire Fighters.

Senior Center - ​​ 2 letters of interest were received to become members of the Senior Advisory Board.  These letters will be presented to the Advisory Board on November 18th.  40 people attended the Elvis fundraising event last Monday.
Garage Sale will be held November 15th and 16th.​  The Senior Center Coordinator position has closed.  The Senior Advisory Board will begin to review resumes and applications this week.  Hopefully. a decision can be made before December. 

Road and Bridge - ​​November minutes are posted and available.  Lyons Den Development - Mike Haag recommended that the Township should install shoulders on the roads and sue the contractor for the cost unless there is progress by 11/15 with the Developer.

Park Board -  The next meeting of the Park Board will be December 9th at 6:00 PM
Recycling - ​​Supervisor Kramer was able to get a 30 x 48 storage building for the recycling.  This building will be paid for by county funds. Thanks Ed.  Did you know that the Linwood Recycling Center now accepts residential appliances, electronics, all types of batteries, flourescent light bulbs, metals, tires, household furniture, mattresses and bikes (the bikes are refurbished for kids.)

Cemetery - T​​he ashes/stone  that were placed in the wrong lot have now been moved.  A new flag was purchased for the cemetery.

Direct Deposit - The ​​Township  will pay the Town Hall staff and Elected Officials through direct deposit starting January 1, 2014.  The Fire Department staff and commissions will still receive a paper check.

Minutes approved for the Oct 22nd Town Board minutes. 

Bills were paid in the amount of $370,328.24.  Most of that amount was for the 2013 street maintenance projects.​​​​

​​​Highlights of the October 22, 2013 Town Board Meeting

Ben Oleson, Hometown Planner - will help develop an Adult Use Ordinance for Linwood Township.​​

Planning and Zoning - Ed Kramer will work with our Attorney, Mike Haag, to make the State's mandated changes to our Variance Ordinance.

Road and Bridge - ​​A request to make an easement a  Linwood Township road right of way.  This request was tabled until
November 12th to do some research on the road and easement.​

Driver - Judy Hanna requested that she be allowed to hire a driver for occasions when our current driver is not available.​
​​Motion passed.

Senior Center Coordinator Position -​​ The position will be advertised in the Forest Lake Times, The Forest Lake Lowdown, Anoka County Recorder, Anoka County Union and The Peach.  The deadline for submitting resumes will be November 12, 4:30 PM. 

Linwood Township is seeking a PT Senior Center Coordinator to manage the day-to-day operation of Linwood Senior Center. Plan and implement senior activities, recruit and supervise volunteers, schedule senior center use. We are looking for a friendly, conscientious professional with great customer service and organizational skills. Exp. with Seniors, volunteers, HS graduate, BA preferred, computer skills, and willing to obtain a food managers cert, 20 - 25 varied hrs. Please send letter and resume to: Linwood Township, 22817 Typo Creek Dive, Stacy, MN 55079

Attorney Mike Haag - ​Attorney Bill Goodrich substituted for Mike Haag.  He brought the Special Assessment Ordinance but wanted to research whether Linwood Township could be more restrictive than the State of Minnesota Statute.  This is the ordinance regarding citizen's wanting their road paved.

Halloween Party - The Linwood Senior Golden Club, Senior Advisory Board, each gave $100.00 toward the Halloween Party.  The Linwood Town Board matched with $​​200.00 and the Forest Lake Lions donated $100.00. 

Direct Deposit - ​The Linwood Town Board authorized the staff to explore using direct deposit for payroll. This only includes the regular Township employees not the Supervisors, Fire Department or any Commissions.

​​Bills/Payroll - Approved the payment of the bills in the amount of $47,987.50.

Holiday Schedule - The Holiday Schedule was approved for 2014.  There are 11 1/2 Holidays, New Year's Day, Martin Lutheran King, Jr. Day, President's Day, Good Friday (close at noon), Memorial Day, Independence Day. Labor Day,
Veteran's Da​y, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. 

Minutes - The October 8th T​​own Board Minutes were approved.  September 24th minutes have not been approved.

Great​​ River Energy - Will begin placing stakes along the transmission centerline on, or after October 24, 2013.  Great River Energy's tree contractor plans to begin clearing the transmission line right of way the week of November 1, 2013.
Because there are a number of wet areas​ on this project,  tree/vegetation clearing will not start on one end and move to the other end. Instead, dry areas will be done first and wet areas will get cut later.

Comment:The ashes/stone that were placed in someone's else's reserved lot still have not been moved.​  This has been an on going issue since May of this year.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Highlights of the October 8, 2013, Town Board Meeting

September Building Report -  ​20 building permits - roofs, AC, siding, windows, new addition, outside boiler, and 1 new home.  Copies available in the Town Hall.

Building Maintenance - Bob Millerbernd will start a committee to explore options for the Town Hall.​​​

Fire Department - ​​Grass 3 will be going into Red Power for modifications for the Medical Vehicle.  Engine 2 is complete and in service and is being used for Medical and Mutual Aide calls.  2 new Firefighters are going through EMT training.  Another great Fire Prevention Day at Linwood School. Fire Department Open House from 6 - 8 PM. Lucas and Zoll equipment helped save another life.  This equipment is worth every dollar spent.  Thank you Linwood Firefighters!

Check for fire ​​restrictions before burning!

Senior Center - ​​ Judy Hanna has resigned as the Senior Center Coordinator as of December 31, 2013, and Judy's resignation was accepted by the Town Board.   The Senior Advisory Board is getting ready to go through the hiring process to find another coordinator. The next Senior Advisory Board Meeting is Tuesday, October 15, 2013.

Linwood Family F​​un Day - Upcoming Fundraiser - October 25 and 26 - Garage Sale.

Boettcher Farm ​​Reserve is coming along.  The trusses are being put up for the pavilion.  Boettcher Farm Preserve is located on Fawn Lake Drive. All Linwood parks are available to all residents. 

School Forest Fundraiser - Metro Dining Club cards are being sold for $22.00.   Butter Braids are coming soon.

Cemetery Committee - Will meet October 15TH at 7 PM​​.  The public is welcome.  Comment:  The ashes/stone that were placed in someone's else's reserved lot still have not been moved.

Recycling - ​​4th Saturday of every month.  In September Linwood received 40 bikes for the bike program.  Our recycling is a huge success thanks to  Ed Kramer and his crew.

Attorney Mike Haag - An Ordinance was passed setting fees and charges for licenses, permits, services​​ and other charges in Linwood Township.  This will be in effect from the date of publication. Our official newspaper is the Forest Lake Times.  Copies available in the Town Hall.​​

An Ordinance was passed adding Section 810 SEXUAL OFFENDERS AND SEXUAL PREDATORS OF PART VIII BUILDING AND LAND USE REGULATIONS, to the Linwood Township code.  ​​This will take effect from date of publication.  Copies available in the Town Hall.

Town Board Minutes dated September 10th were passed with the deletion of the $150.00 for non shoreland septic systems.  Comment:​All septic system inspections in Linwood are now $200.00. The September 24th minutes were not available.

Motion passed to pay the bills except for two bills the Town Board questioned. 
Petty cash report  and the transportation logs were not available​.

September financial reports are completed.​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Highlights of the September 24, 2013 Town Board Meeting

​Public Hearing - Tuesday, September 24, 6 PM
Linwood Township vs. Julie Zuercher

A resolution was passed finding Gunner owned by Julie Zuercher, and kept at 22954 W. Martin Lake Drive NE, Linwood to be a potentially dangerous dog. If this stands, the owner must:
1. Provide and maintain proper enclosure.
2. Post must post sign that there is a potentially dangerous dog,
3. Provide and show proof of public liability insurance in the minimum of $300,000.
4. If the dog is out of his enclosure, he must be muzzled and restrained by a substantial chain.​
​​​​5. A tag must be affixed to his collar identifying the dog as a potentially dangerous dog.
6. Must be registered with Anoka County.
7. The dog is required to have a lifetime license and be up to date on rabies vaccination.​​
Outcome: The Town Board felt as if we had to uphold our decision to designate Gunner a potentially dangerous dog.  As long as Gunner remains in the Township all of the above rules will apply. This could be reviewed in 2 years.

Fire Department is seeking approval from the Linwood Town Board to move their pension plan to PERA, a newly created volunteer firefighter retirement plan.  Linwood Fire pension is currently under the Relief Association.  The Fire Department is also asking for a raise from $2,000 to $2,500 per year of service, if tenured. This will be discussed at
the Town Board meeting this evening.
Outcome: The Town Board approved the Fire Department recommendation to move January 1,2014 to PERA and keep the level at $2,000 per years of service.

The Town Board approved a ​​$30,000 expenditure to re-purpose  Grass II to rescue truck.  This was needed because
our rescue truck was deemed not safe.

Planning and Zoning - Application 2013 - Sketch Plan Halsman/Puffer - To build a single family home on the property and to put a drive on Martin Lake Road. 
Outcome:​​​​ The Town Board approved the Sketch Plan.

Senior Center ​​​-  A new job description for the position of Senior Center Coordinator was approved with the hours being set at 20 to 25 hours per week. 

Road and Bridge - Typo Creek Drive 2015/2016 Oxford - Linwood Township was approached by Oxford Township about a possible joint project  to pave Typo Creek Drive in about 2017.

Linwood Family Fun Day 2013 financial -​​​​  A family Fun Day report is available in the Town Hall. 

Cemetery - A family approached the Cemetery Committee saying they wanted their reserved lots back that the Cemetery Committee released several years ago.  This was a mistake, and the lots will be returned. 

​Comment-  T​​he ashes that were buried in the wrong place were not moved by September 21, 2013, as promised by Judy Hanna.

Attorney Mike Haag - Minimum Percentage of Owners Agreement for Special Assessment was approved and will be put into resolution form and will become a code.  To get a road paved it will take 35 percent  of affected residents to start a feasibility study and 65 percent  to agree within the 60 day period to move the project forward. 

 Sexual Offenders and Sexual Predators - ​Linwood Township will go through a process to adopt an Ordinance  regarding sex offenders and where they can and cannot reside. 

Resolution certifying the 2014 levy at $1,500,000. Approved

Approve the paying of the bills in the amount of $65,570.43 including the payroll.

The  September 10th Town Board Minutes were not available.​​​​​​​​​​​

​​​Highlights of the September 10, 2010 Town Board Meeting

Public Meeting - Linwood Township vs Julie Zuercher - Postponed until September 24, 2013 at the request of Ms. Zuercher.​ A resolution was passed finding Gunner owned by Julie Zuercher, and kept at 22954 W. Martin Lake Drive NE, Linwood to be a potentially dangerous dog. She has appealed that resolution.

Building D​​epartment - New Building Fee schedule to begin October 1, 2013
The August Monthl​y Building Permit Report is out.  Contact the Town Hall for a copy. 462-2812

Fire Department - The floor in the station has been completed. 
Engine 2 is back from being painted red and will be back in service within the week. Rescue 5 is out of service. This rig was to be replaced in 2015​​ but unfortunately it didn't last until 2015.  Engine 1 will be used short term.
The Dance and Booya were another success.
Two firefighters will start their EMT training.​​
​Linwood Fire Department is recommending to the Town Board and its members to go into PERA (Public Retirement Fund). This will come before the Town Board on September 24th. 

Road and Bridge - ​​Minutes are available.  The hole on the Sunrise Road culvert will be patched. 
A code will be brought to the Town Board on September 24 requiring 35 % of residents to support a feasibility study for a proposed blacktop road and 66 % of residents would initiate the project and the assessment of the road improvement. 
​T​he Township would bring the road up to class 5 standards.  Each property owner would be assessed the same amount.
Hopefully, this will finally be put to rest. 

Linwood Family Fund Day -  A big t​​​hank you to all the volunteers for putting together a successful Family Fun Day.

Park Board - The trusses have been ordered for the pavilion  for Boettger Park Reserve​​​​.  The exercise equipment is in and ready to use. 

Cemetery Committee​​ - The ashes/stone that were place in someone's else's reserved lot will be moved according to Judy Hanna on or before September 21, 2013.

Mike Haag​​ Attorney - Lyons Den  - Mike Haag recommended that the Township should install shoulders on the roads and sue the contractor for the cost.
Lyons Street House -​ The house that was destroyed by fire is now being cleaned up.  The cars have been removed.  Dumpster will arrive soon. The property will be sold and the township paid back.


​​​Highlights of the August 27, 2013 Town Board Meeting

Public Meeting - Linwood Township vs Julie Zuercher -  Postponed until September 10,2013 at the request of Ms. Zuercher.​ A resolution was passed finding Gunner owned by Julie Zuercher, and kept at 22954 W. Martin Lake Drive NE, Linwood to be a potentially dangerous dog. She  has appealed that resolution.

Planning and Zoning Application 2013-08 to approve the preliminary Plat for Boettcher Farm Preserve 4th Addition.
C​hange from out-lot to a platted lot to get a building permit.  Approved.

Planning and Zoning Application 2013-09 to approve the Final Plat for Boettcher Farm Preserve 4th Addition.  Approved​​​​.

Bids have gone out for the clean-up of the house on Lyons. (house that burned down)  Bids close on August 30th.

Mike Haag will draft a Town ​​Code to deal with possible Adult Entertainment Business.

Mike Haag will draft a T​​own Code to deal with possible sex offenders.

Payment of the bills/payroll. Approved​​  3 yes, 1 no.

Approval of the July 13, 2013 Town Board Minutes.  Approved.

Discussion on allowing a special bill run for Linwood Family Fund Day on September 4, 2013.  Approved.

Discussion on whether or not Linwood Family Fun Day is self sufficient.  It doesn't matter except for truth.  T​​o be determined later.​​​​

​​Highlights of the August 13, 20, 2013 Town Board Meeting

T​​he Anoka County Board of Commissioners met at the Linwood Senior Center on Tuesday, August 13.  The Anoka County Board transferred the shoreland and septic inspection to Linwood Township.  Phil spoke about Linwood Township.  Phil, Ed and I were able to attend.   The agenda is available at:  You can see a video also at:

Building Department - ​​July building report was not available.    

F​​ire Department -  29 runs for June and July.  There will be a retirement party for Ken Minske on Sunday, August 18th.
A resolution was passed allowing the Stacy Lions to sell 3.2 beer at the Firemen's Dance on September 7th.​

Senior Center - No Senior Advisory Meeting for July.  The July bus log was not available. ​​Linwood Family Fun Day will have a  Dairy Queen fundraiser on August 21,2013.  Volunteers are needed for Family Fun Day! 

Road and Bridge -​​  August minutes are available.  Call the Town Hall for a copy.  Road review on October 5, at 8:00 AM.

​​Park Board - Boettcher Park - The new equipment is in, and residents are excited about the adult and senior exercise equipment.  Equipment for the kids also.  A must see.  It is located in Boettcher Farm Preserve on Fawn Lake Drive.  All Linwood parks are available to all residents.  This is the first of its kind in the United States.  The walkways and pavilion to be completed soon.

Sunrise Water Shed - No good news.  Still waiting to see if the grants are awarded to start the Martin Lake project.​​ This

seems to be our last chance. 

Recycling -  There was a great deal of praise from the County Commissioners for the new recycling program and Ed Kramer.  Recycling is the 4th Saturday,  It is located behind the Senior Center.  For further information contact Ed Kramer or the Town Hall.  651- 462-2812.

Cemetery Committee -  Cindy Gruett spoke regarding the fact that Linwood still has not moved the ashes/stone that were place in someone's else's reserved lot.  Concern for both families that this is dragging out so long.  Judy Hanna claims

that the family must sign a release form to disinter the remains.  Hopefully, this will be cleared up quickly.  Cindy explained to the board how important it was to keep good records.  A new computer was bought for keeping the cemetery records. 

Attorney Mike Haag​​ - Mike was not able to be there due to a family emergency. 

Pam Olson has been hired as the accountant on a 90 day interim position​​.  She has a great deal of CTAS experience.  She previously worked in Lent Township. 

G​​reat  River Energy -  Paid Linwood Township $8,000.00 for easement rights in the School Forest.  The tower should not interfere with the School Forest Parking Lot.  This money will go into the park fund.

A Resolution was passed proclaiming October as Domestic V​​iolence Awareness Month. 

Mike and Bob discussed the video that was developed to bring awareness and stop abuse and financial exploitation of seniors. For more information call Judy at 462-2812 or visit the website:

Linwood Town Board passed a motion to pay Tautgas Redpath, LTD to  provide auditing service to Linwood Township for ​​$24,200.00 for 2013.

The August 13th bills were paid in the amount of $142,355.35. No activity in petty cash for July.

Motion passed to appove the July 9th and 23rd T​​own Board Meeting minutes.

Note:  For some reason Planning and Zoning was missed at the Town Board Meeting.   There is a Public Hearing on
​ Aug​​​​ust 20, 2013
to consider the request and give recommendation to the Town Board on the Preliminary Plat Application from Steve Strandlund ​ re-describing Outlot A to Lot 1 Block 1 Boettcher Farm Preserve 4th Addition as a buildable lot.​
​Highlights of the July 23. 2015 Town Board Meeting

Approval of Agenda

Planning and Zoning - The Town Board approved a  Realty sign on the corner of Icarus Street and Viking Blvd.​​​
Planning and Zoning is looking for a new recording secretary to take the minutes and make the agenda.  Hanna resigned as the recording secretary.

Attorney - Bill G​​oodrich (Mike Haag was on vacation) Follow up on Violent dog - A resolution was passed finding Gunner owned by Julie Zuercher,  and kept at 22954 W. Martin Lake Drive NE, Linwood to be a potentially dangerous dog.  She has 14 days to appeal.  If this stands, the owner must:
1.  Provide and maintain proper enclosure.
2.  Post must post sign that there is a potentially dangerous dog,
3.  Provide and show proof of public liability insurance in the minimum of $300,000.
4.  If the dog is out of his enclosure, he must be muzzled and restrained by a substantial chain.​
​5.  A tag must be affixed to his collar identifying the dog as a potentially dangerous dog.
6.  Must be registered with Anoka County.
7.  The dog is required to have a lifetime license and be up to date on rabies vaccination.​​

The work can begin on cleaning up the house on Lyons that burned down.​

Linwood T​​​​ownship entered into a Shoreland Joint Powers Agreement with Anoka County.  This agreement makes Linwood Township responsible for the permits and building Shoreland Ordinance for lake shore in Linwood.  Anoka County will continue to administer all variances.  This is a state requirement.

G​​reat River Energy asked  Linwood Township to put an easement through the section of the School Forest near the parking lot.  This decision was tabled so the Township could make sure the pole(s) and wires don't end up in the middle of the parking lot.

Payment of the bills was approved.

Joe Dolphy came before the Town Board with his concerns and ideas for the Township moving forward. 
1. Cross training of staff.
2. Separate the Clerk and Office Manager positions.
3. Make the Clerk and Treasurer hired positions rather than elected. This would allow the Township to get the most    qualified person rather than the most popular.  This would have to be put on the 2014 ballot and passed by the citizens.  This would also give the Board of Supervisors supervision of Clerk and Treasurer. 
4.  ​Encouraged the Town Board to consider using local businesses.  This could save the town staff's time, money and promote local business.

Dairy​​ Queen fund raiser August 21st.


Highlights ​​
of the July 9, 2013 Town Board Meeting

Commander Paul Sommer presented the 2014 police contract.​​ The total amount will be $212,266. For further details please contact the Town Hall. Motion passed to accept this contract.

Senior Center - ​The Garden Tour will be Thursday, July 11th. See flyer on page 2 for details.
(new) A white elephant bingo will be held each month on the second Monday at 1:00 PM. For further details
please contact Judy Hanna, Senior Center Coordinator. 462-5565
Food Giveaway last Saturday provided food to 60 families according to Judy Hanna. ​
Contact Judy for further details.

Linwood Family Fun Day - Dairy Queen Fundraiser will be held July 16th. The last ​​DQ fundraiser made $120.00.
​ Garage sale fund raiser July 26/27 and free on Sunday.

Sunrise Wa​​tershed - Linwood Lake annual meeting and picnic July 13, 2013. Contact Judy Hanna for further details.

Attorney Mike Haag - Vicious dogs - On June 6, 2013 a pair of lab-type dogs bit a man in the area of W. Martin ​ Lake Drive and 229th. ​This is the second incident of these dogs attacking. The attorney is dealing with
this situation as quickly as the law allows. If you have any information regarding these dogs please
contact the Town Hall. The dog's names are Gunnar and Shooter. 462-2812 A Public Hearing will be
​ scheduled for ​August 18,2013.
Minimum percentage of Owners Agreement for Special Assessment still needs a little work and hopefully
will come back before the Town Board at our next regular meeting, July 23, 2013.

​​​​​​​Janet Haapoja resigned as​​ the Accountant/Secretary. She will leave her position on July 23, 2013. I am sorry to see her
leave the Town Hall. She has been a great asset​ to our Administration.

Good Stewardship - I have chosen not to write about this before because it was personal, but since its has not stopped, has been put in the Forest Lake paper twice and has been brought up 3 or 4 times in a Town Board Meeting, I want to share my thoughts. Early this summer I was singled out by Debbie Parker (my opponent's wife) regarding my going to workshops given by the Minnesota Association of Townships. Then Debbie put a letter in the Forest Lake Times. I scheduled myself to attend a workshop that I needed for the Township. The course, "Appeal and Equalization Training," given by Chisago County, is free of charge and is exactly the same course as offered by the Minnesota Association of Townships. After I enrolled in this class, she informed the audience attending last night's Town Board meeting that my finding classes outside the Minnesota Association of Townships is not acceptable to her. The classes given by the Minnesota Association of Townships are great classes, but are they worth a $60.00 fee, mileage to a distant location, hotel accommodations, and food? Going to the same class at the Big Bear Casino could cost up to $340.00. I am trying to be a good steward of the Linwood Levy. Last night, Debbie Parker vowed to harass me for the next 4 years. I just wanted you to know that I don't have "total disregard for the citizens and the township", as Debbie entitled her recent editorial.
​Read this article in the Forest Lake Times, "Linwood Cemetery Records Go Under Microscope" ​​

​​​​​​​Highlights of June 26, 2013

Approval of the minutes​​.

Linwood's Insurance Agent brought to the Town Board a review of 2013 insurance. If you are interest in seeing this review, contact Judy at the Town Hall.

T​​here was a Public Hearing regarding the Linwood Township Comprehensive Plan at 5:30 PM. The Planning and Zoning Commission recommended to the Town Board that we adopt the Comprehensive Plan with corrections to the maps. Motion passed. The Comprehensive Plan outlines a framework for guiding and directing future community growth and improvement. This plan is required by the Metropolitan Council.
If you are interested in seeing this plan, contact Judy at the Town Hall.​

Planning and Zoning Application 2013-04 property split was denied because more information is needed.

​​​​Planning and Zoning Application 2013-04 property split was denied because more information is needed.

Planning and Zoning Application 2013-05 rezoning was denied.

Minimum Percentage of Owner's Agreement came before the Town Board once again and our Township Attorney will write language for a code and return it to the Town Board.​​​​

Fire Department - T​​he Town Board approved a new floor for the fire station. The Fire Department will purchase a newer grass rig (1998) from the DNR and will sell the old one (1989). Ken Minske will retire in July. June 11th Linwood Fire Department had 5 cadets graduate from the academy. Congratulations to each of the Cadets.
Cemetery - I brought back to the Town Board the issue of ashes being burial in someone's reserved plot because the Town Board agreed to but didn't officially vote to contact the person's family that was buried and apologize, offer any lot that is available and to move the ashes/stone free of charge and return the reserved plot to the other family. After the last meeting, you may remember that Judy Hanna stated that she and the Sexton would not be dictated to and will not follow the Board's wishes until they are satisfied that the Cemetery Committee has it right. The motion passed to contact the family apologize, offer any plot that is available and move the ashes/stone at the expense of the Township.

​​​​Many years ago a Cemetery Committee was formed. I believe it started to get water in the cemetery but grew into much more. This committee under the direction of Howard Holm worked hard to put the entire cemetery on a spread sheet, making new books, getting back old unused grave sites and much more. In December of 2009, the committee turned over the spread sheets, books to the Clerk, Judy Hanna, and the Town Board directed Judy to begin using the new software on 1/1/10. I became the Supervisor for the Cemetery Committee in January 2013. After the first Cemetery Committee meeting this year, it became clear that the spreadsheet and books have not been update in 3 years. After a good deal of frustration in trying myself to resolve this issue, I brought it before the Town Board. I didn't need a motion because a motion was passed in December of 2009 to start using the new software and books. After getting nothing from the Town Board, I made a new motion and I didn't get a 2nd. Philip asked Judy if she was going to update the books and software, and Judy's answer was "before I leave office." (2016).

The Town Board approved 3.95 new Fire Regulations into the Town Code. ​​

Payment of the bills. Approved

Approval of the minutes for June 11, 2013. Approved

Police contract - next T​​​​​​own Board Meeting.

​​​​​​​​​Highlights of the June 11, 2013 Town Board Meeting

The Linwood Fire Department has asked the Town Board to install 3 entry key lock boxes at the Town Hall/ Senior Center in case of emergency. Motion passed. Linwood staff will work with Scot Smith to work out details.​​

Judy Hanna - Senior Center - The Senior Advisory Board's May minutes are available. Linwood Family Fun Day garage sale made approximately $1,000 plus $200.00 for the silent auction. Wyoming Dairy Queen will give Linwood Family Fun Day 10% of their profits from 6 - 9 PM on June 18, 2013.

Road and Bridge - Minutes are available. Annual Road Review, June 12. 2013 at 5:00 PM. Letter asking for permission to ride in the ditches failed​​ due to restrictions in the spring and summer because of wild life nesting. We were given a paper on, "Understanding Minimum Maintenance Roads." Copies are available at the Town Hall. Mike Haag, Township Attorney brought a memo regard the issue of minimum percentage of owners agreement for special assessment. This is regarding what percent of residents living on a road are needed to ask to have their road paved. Hopefully, this issue will come to a final conclusion at the next Town Board Meeting. Lyons Den - The Township will need to finish the road project because the contractor has refused to compete the project. After the project is competed we can discuss how to get our money back.

Park Board-School Forest - The outdoor school room has been finished at the Linwood Elementary School. Thanks for all the hard work.

​​​​Pictometry Flight = Anoka County will be hiring Pictometry to fly Ortho and Oblique imagery. The cost will be shared by each municipality. Our cost is 2837 parcels x $.30 = $851.10. Motion passed. These are images of each parcel in Linwood and this software is used by the Building Inspector.

The HR Committee - Job descriptions for the Senior Coordinator and the Town Clerk were presented for our review. I believe these will be voted on at the next Town Board Meeting. Mediation Services will be available to the different committees and the Town Board to help resolve some conflict issues among the members.

Town Board Minutes were approved for the May 28, 2013 Town Board Meeting minus the net payroll information which was missing from the May 28th meeting.

The Anoka County Sheriff's report is available in the Town Hall.​​​​​​

Cemetery - The Cemetery Committee approached the Town Board with the belief that a mistake was made in the cemetery. A person's ashes were buried in another person's reserved plot. The Town Board agreed to contact the person's family that was buried and apologize, offer any lot that is available and to move the ashes/stone free of charge and return the reserved plot to the other family. After the meeting, Judy Hanna stated that she and the Sexton would not be dictated to and will not follow the Board's wishes until they are satisfied that the Cemetery Committee has it right.
​​​​ ​​​

​​​​Hightlights of the May 28, 2013 Town Board Meeting (Short Meeting)

Variance approved for Joe Eisenschenk to build an attached garage.

​​The issue of what percent of homeowners are needed to petition the Township to pave a road was sent back to Planning and Zoning Meeting and Road and Bridge one more time.

The 1997 Senior Center bus repair will be done by Dolphy 's. The cost will be $1,064.25.

The Senior Center Coordinator job description will go to the HR Committee for further review.

​​​​​​​Highlights of the May 14, 2013 Town Board Meeting

Building Department - April Building and Permit Report​​ - 17 permits, 2 new homes, 1 replace home, decks, windows and doors, new siding, new roofs, new fire place, water heater, furnace repair. The Aril building report is available in the Linwood Town Hall.

Fire Department - No burning, period​​. (This has been lifted) New recuits are doing good. They will graduate June 5, The Emergency weather sirens have been failing but the problem has been solved. Ken Minske will retire and his party is planned for August. Thank you, Ken for your many years of service. You will be missed. Linwood will be considering a new policy on burning. This policy is being reviewed by the Linwood Attorney. The new engine will be delivered sometime in June or July. LFD has promoted Brian Meyer as the new Medical Training

Senior Center - T​​he old bus is in need of repair to the first step and door. The estimated cost is $2,000.00 A second estimate was requested by the Town Board and the bus needs to be evaluated to see if the bus is worth fixing. A new job description will be reviewed in June for the Senior Coordinator position. This job description will go into effect when Judy retires the end of December. Donation receipts were again brought up. The IRS information will be removed from the back, because donations to Linwood may not be used for tax purposes. Linwood Senior Center does not have 501(c)(3) status.

R​oad and Bridge - Road and Bridge Minutes are available. 2013 street maintenance project was awarded to to Knife River Corp.
Serious discussion took place regarding what is the minimum​ number of residents required to approve a special assessment to pave a road. This was sent back to Road and Bridge and Planning and Zoning. A second issue arose whether the percent of residents needed to live on the road.

Website survey - It was determined that the website survey was not accurate. The survey was meant for residents to vote if they were satisfied or not with the time of the Town Board Meetings. ​​Residents were only supposed to be able to vote once, but some were not limited to one time. It just became a contest to see who could win rather than a real survey. The town board voted to continue the meetings at 6:00PM.

Approval of the minutes.

Informational - Linwood School Forest Digital Hunt. Using a digital camera or cell phone, take pictures of the 10 items required. Contact the Linwood school or the Linwood Town Hall for full details.​​

G​​host Tours - call for information and reservation, 763-421-0600.

Anoka County Historial Society exhibition on the civil war. The exhibition will begin on May 30 at 7:00 PM and is free to the community.​​
For further details call the Anoka County Historcial Society, 763-741-0600.​

​​​​​​​​Hightlight of the April 23, 2013 Town Board Meeting

Application to split off 5 acres​​ on Lyons - Approved

The ​Town Board was asked to approve the re-appointment of Planning and Zoning Commission members Steve Strandlund, Joe Dolphy and Tom Searing to 2016. Approved

Linwood Lake Association President, John Murphy came to the board meeting looking for support for Linwood Lake. He is going to work with Bob Millerbernd and the Sunrise Watershed.

Mike Pederson gave a presentation on the purposed plan for​​ Boetcher Park. It will be a very creative park for all ages. Approved

Mike Haag, T​​ownship Attorney was not present. We didn't talk about the longevity raises, percent of citizens needed to pave a road. This will be discussed at our next meeting.

Approval of the meeting minutes for March 26, 2013 and April 9​​, 2013.

Cemetery Committe requested new maps. Also that Linwood Township take over the cemetery irrigation system. Judy will direct our maintenance men to turn on the water and fix the faucets. Maps will be requested from the T​​ownship Engineer.

​​​​​​​​Highlights of the April 9, 2013 Town Board Meeting

Building Department - March building report records - ​​Laundry drain, pole barn addition, finished lower rooms, windows, water hear, 2 new homes and one fireplace. This report is available at the Town Hall.

Fire Department - Derek Dovolos has returned from Afghanistan after being deployed there over a year. Two firefighters escorted him back to Linwood. He will return to the Linwood Fire Department (Thank you Derek for your Service)
ACTA ​Candidates are doing well. They are getting ready to take there FF 1 certification test.
The Lucas Devise was placed into service. F​inal cost to the Township was under $6,000 for the Lucas and the Zoll Monitor. The addition of this equipment is expected to save many lives.
Ready Watt has completed the installation of the Emergency Weather siren on 234th/Japura.
The new fire truck is scheduled for delivery in late June.
LFD is ​​​getting bids to redo the station floor.

Road and Bridge minutes are posted and available.
Annual Road and Bridge Review - May 11, 2013 - 8:00 AM.
New air compressor will be purchased for the Township.

​​​Park Board - Park Board Annual Review April 15th - 6:00 PM

School Forest - 20 year birthday coming up. Hope to hav​​​​​e a celebration in May (if spring ever arrives).

Sunrise Water Shed - Nothing new to report

​​At 6:30 PM the Town Board Meeting was temporarily adjourned to have a public hearing.

Public Hearing on vacation of easement in Boettcher Farms Preserve. This was for the purpose of putting two parcels together and building a house in the middle. Motion passed.

Discussion was held on the possibilty of video recording of the Town Board Meetings. Cathy Hereau will get more information.

The newly​​​​ formed HR (Personnel) Committe has begun its job.
1. Review and update employee policies
2. Review and write job description for all employees.
3. June - Begin semiannual performance reviews
This commitee will meet monthly. Mike Haag (Linwood Attorney) is the chairman​​​​. Phil Osterhaus and Mike Halliday make up the rest of the committee.

A motion was made and passed regarding petty cash. To receive reimbursement from petty cash, a receipt will be required. If no receipt is available, then a Board Supervisor's approval will be needed.

Time cards must be punched not written in. Supervisors will monitor this.​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​​​ Highlights of the March 26, 2013 Town Board Meeting

David Mol gave a review of the 2012 annual audit. T​​he audit should be available in a couple weeks for citizen review. I will let you know when and where you can get a copy.

The Town Board approved a variance for Steve Olson for the 13' x 60', 780 ​​sq. feet. addition to the existing structure. This is
after the fact.

Building Department Permit records - ​​February - 3 new homes, patio door, replacement windows. garage addition, and a roof.

The Martin Lakers Association were picked as 2012 Outstanding Conservationist.​​

Approval of the Town Board minutes for February 26, March 12 and March 19th.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Highlights of the March 12, 2013 Town Board /Annual Meeting

Approval of the 2012 Annual Meeting minutes.​​

Township Auditor David Mol discused the proposed 2014 levy.​

Town Board Supervisors' reports on expenditures/operating budget for their departments.​​

Annual Meeting Minutes and budget packets should be available in the Town Hall.​​

The levy was set for $1,500,000.

Discussion on whether we should spend money maintaining the parks​, refurbishing and painting the fire trucks, vacation buyout for the staff (this has been taken away starting in June 2012), wages and health insurance payments for the Senior Center Coordinator/Office Manager.

The Anoka County Sheriff reported that the crime in Linwood is down but not DUI's.​​

Approval of updates to the Linwood Codebook and ​​approval to publish ordinance adoption in the Forest Lake Times.
Copies are available at the T​own Hall.

Approval of the Fireworks contract for the 2013 Linwood Family F​​un Day.

Sunrise River Watershed Contract was tabled until our March 26, 2013 Town Board Meeting.

A Public Hearing will be held on April 9, 2013 on a petition asking to v​​acate part of the drainage and utility easement on Lot 2 and Lot 3, block 2, Boettcher Farm Preserve First Addition.

Discussion ​​regarding 242/Amazon. Mike Haag has researched how many properties are needed for the assessment process. This matter will be discussed at the Planning and Zoning Meeting next Tuesday and Road and Bridge the first Tuesday in April. It will come back to the Town
Board meeting April 23, 2013.​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Highlights of the February 26, 2013 Town Board Meeting

A​​pproval of the February 12, 2013, Town Board minutes with corrections regarding the the longevity pay policy for Linwood employees.

Longevity policy will be discussed on March 26, 2013 with Attorney Mike Haag​​.

We didn't have a discussion ​​regarding 242/Amazon. Mike Haag is researching how many properties are needed for the assessment process. Mike Haag was not able to attend the Town Board Meeting this evening. Hopefully, this will be discussed on March 26,2013.

Carol Searing asked the T​​own Board to make the posting places, website, and the TV access channel a priority, because these are important links to our citizens. Post meetings/events in 4 places, Town Hall, Country Pumper Store, Dolphy's Automotive and the Linwood website, update the website and access channel with accurate information.

The Fire Department requested approval to purchase a Zoll Heart Monitor and a Lucas Device out of their equipment fund.
​ ($​​8,600)

Janet Haapoja has finished her probationary period and is now hired full-time.

Approval to pay the bills.

At 5:30 PM this evening, there was a review and discussion by our Auditor regarding our proposed budget that will be presented to the Linwood citizens on March 12.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Highlights of the February 12, 2013 Town Board Meeting

​​The 2014 proposed budget is ready for the auditor in preparation for the annual meeting.

Waiting for permits to begin work on the Ryan Lake bridge.​​

An agreement was brought to the Linwood Board for 2013 fireworks at Linwood Family Fun Day. Approved.​​

Still waiting for enough money to do the Martin Lake carp barriers project.​​ ​​​​​​​

Highlights of the January 22, 2013 Town Board Meeting

Th​​e third emergency warning siren was installed at 234th Street and Japura.

Fire​​ Department - A six man truck will be purchased from Pierce. The purchase price is $449,555.
​​ $195,000 ​was put down and a 5 year lease to purchase agreement was signed. The payments will come out of capital and will be around $53,000 per year.

The Town Board approved 3 new probationary candidates to go through the Training Academy.​​

Linwood Firefighter Tom Bev​​er has made it through the St. Paul Fire Academy and now is a St. Paul Fighter.

Linwood Captain Mike Christian and Firefighter Brian Meyer hav​​e accepted positions in Chisago County.

This speaks well of our Fire Department.​​

2013 required OSHA training was approved for Linwood employees.​​

January 8, 2013 Town Board Minutes were approved.

2013 employee wage increase was not approved.

2013 employee health insurance increase was not approved.

Linwood Township Engineer prepared a cost estimated for six streets in the Township.​​​​​​​​

1. East Martin Lake (​​Road/Drive)? (3,535 LF) - Correct vertical curve and overlay - $127,000
2. Unser Street ​- 229th Avenue to 226Tth Avenue (2,400 LF) - Reclaim and Pave - $139,000
3. ​ Typo Creek Drive Fawn Lake to 245th Avenue (2,850) Shape and pave - $210,000
4. Elbe Street​ - 227th Lane to 228th Avenue (450 LF) - Construct to Gravel Standards - $34,400
5. ​227th Place - Elbe Street to West Martin Lake Drive (1,000) - Construct to Gravel Standard - $78,900
6. Thames Street - Fawn Lake Drive to 245th Avenue (3,050) -Shape and Pave -$224,500

If you would like more information let me know.​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​​Highlights of the January 8, 2013 Town Board Meeting

R​eorganizational Meeting

1. Town Board Chair - Philip Osterhus
2. Town Board V​​​ice-Chair - Mike Halliday
3.​ Official Newspaper - Forest Lake Times
4. Official Posting Places - Dolphy's, Country Store, Town Hall and Linwood Township's website.

Township Services

1. Attorney - Mike Haag
2. Auditor - David Mol
3. Building Inspector - Kevin Tramm
4. Engineer - Hakason Anderson
5. Health Authority​​​ - Kevin Tramm
6. Road Foreman - Frank Kvidera
7. Tree/Weed Inspector - Kevin Tramm

Supervisor (s) to oversee Township C​​​​ommittees

1. Building Maintence - Bob Millerbernd
2. Cemetery​​​ Committee - Carol Searing
3. Fire Department - Philip Osterhus
4. Insurance - Mike Halliday
5. Personnel - Philip Osterhus, backup Carol Searing
6. Police - Philip Osterhus
7. Recyling - Ed Kramer, backup Mike Halliday and Bob Millerbernd
8. Road and Bridge - Philip Osterhus, backup Ed Kramer​​​​​​
​9. Safety - Bob Millerbernd
10. Senior Center - Carol Searing, backup Mike Halliday
11. School Forest - Bob Millerbernd
12. Sunrise River Watershed Management Organization - Bob Millerbernd
13. Cable, Newsletter and Webpage - Carol Searing​​​
Regular Meeting

Fire Truck tabled until the next meeting.

Discussion regarding Fire Department/Township Calendar

If you would like more information let me know.​​​​​​​​


Highlights of the December 11, 2012 Town Board Meetin​​g

​​​​​The 2012 Town Board approved the purchase of a new fire truck. Funding still needs to be decided. The new fire truck will be red. As the other trucks need to be painted, they will also be painted red.

Janet Haapoja has been hired as the accountant/secretary to replace Pam Palmer.

Jim G​​​​arrison resigned from the Park Board and was accepted to fill a position on Planning and Zoning.

Both the Park Board and Planning and Zoning are looking for new members.​​

​​A discussion on paving 242nd Lane and Amazon was held, but no decisions were made.







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